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Spa Tips from Marriott International

As I get older, I have become more and more fond of traveling. I’m not sure if this is because as I have gotten older I have had more opportunities to travel, or if I just appreciate getting away more. Either way, I have a love of experiencing new places and new cultures. Blogging has given me many opportunities to travel and I have loved just about every minute of it. Around my 30th birthday last month, I made a goal to travel overseas in 2014. The only place I have been that is out of the United States is Tijuana Mexico. I think that hardly counts since we just barely drove across the border. With many thanks to many readers and the Mystery Ingredient Blogger Showcase, I am happy to report that my goal/dream of going out of the country in 2014 will be coming true! I won a trip to London and I am beyond thrilled.

Even though a big trip is in my future, I have been thinking that I need more of an immediate escape for a spa weekend. I have had a lot of stress and heartache in the pass couple of weeks (or 11 years) and I think a relaxing weekend is in order. I was lucky enough to have a girls’ weekend with my mom and sisters last month, but unfortunately we didn’t leave time for spa treatments. Pampering sounds heavenly right about now. But where do I go, and who do I take? Perhaps I will go alone! That really doesn’t sound half bad! One thing I know for sure is that no matter how far I decide to travel, Marriott hotels will have my back. Marriott International is a leading hospitality company with over 3,800 properties in over 74 countries and territories around the world. No matter my destination, I’m sure that I will be able to have peace and security knowing I can find comfort at Marriott. I have always enjoyed my stays at the Marriott!

Use These Spa Tips to Prepare for a Relaxing Retreat An infographic by the team at Marriott Spas

Marriott International has put together a spa tips cheat sheet, to help you plan your next rendezvous. Whether you are looking for budget spa treatments, or you want to splurge for the whole shabang, Marriott wants to help. I love that they have this Spa Experience sheet with pricing, but also to give tips such as “massage before facial”. No matter what your budget is, they’re there to help!

Where will your next excursion take you?

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  • My work schedule has me all tensed up! The week of Christmas and New Year I work with one real day off. I don’t count the day I come off call because I am not of this world after a 24 hour call shift. I just keep telling myself if I can make it through the second week of January it will get better. Having someone massage all the stress and tension away with hot oil and not want sex after……priceless. Me please 🙂

  • I have never stayed at a Marriott Hotel!! I’ve heard many good things about them, but have not had the opportunity yet. I’d love a relaxing spa getaway, but have always been nervous about the nude part. I really do love the pricing sheet and all the different options. Thank you for this wonderful sounding review!

  • Totally get what you’re saying about the “nude part”. Whenever I go for massages, the masseuse has always been so great about making sure I’m comfortable. She allows me to dress down as much or little as I’m comfortable with and I’m always covered with a sheet. She just uncovers whichever part she is working on at that moment. Not too bad!

  • I might get a little more courage as I lose more weight….IDK…LOL! I KNOW I would enjoy it and feel awesome afterwards if I can just get past that. We’ll see…. 😉
    Thank ya, ma’am!

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