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Christmas is in just two days!!! Can you believe it? I want to share some last minute gift ideas with you of some crafts and toys that are keeping my kids busy over the break.

Its that time of year… The weather is colder, the kids are out of school, and moms tend to hear those infamous words “I’m BORED!”   What better way to entertain your kids and keep their creative juices flowing than with a craft?

Gelarti Party

Gelarti are reuseable stickers that kids can paint with Gelarti’s special paint pens. The stickers adhere to many surfaces including walls and windows and can be easily removed to be used over and over again. We tried our hand at painting animal and scenery from the Enchanted Forest Designer Series. I was pleasantly surprised with the paint pens and how easy they were to use and how they keep the mess to a minimum. Its exciting to see my kids enjoy using their imaginations and not constantly thinking about TV or video games.

Trash Pack Junk Yard

My oldest son has loved toy cars from a very young age and I really thought I had seen all there was to see when it came to car toys. I was pleasently surprised when we found out about The Trash Pack toys and got to try out the new Junk Yard playset. The set came with two cars (a police car, and a tow truck.) You can drive these cars on the roads through the junk yard; each road leading to a new, fun feature to try. Boys will love launching their Trash Wheels down a ramp, sending them to the compactor, or picking them up with the crane. There is so much to do with the Junk Yard set  and even more possibilities when it is combined with other Trash Wheels sets (sold separately) to make a trash town!
Glitzi Globes

My daughter collects snow globes and has many sitting on her shelves. I knew when we had the chance to try Glitzy Globes she would be in heaven! Glitzy Globes are like little snow globes that girls can easily make themselves to play with or even wear as jewlery. You basically  just add water, glitter, and some fun deco shapes, snap on a lid and TA DA! A cute Glitzi Globe to display on a necklace. We used the Glitzi Globes Starter Kit which had everything we needed to make a globe ring, bracelet, and a necklace. The only thing we needed from home was water. This would be a perfect activity to do for a playdate, sleepover, or any time you are feeling a little crafty.



Its the Ugglys! The electronic pets that are so Ugly and gross, you can’t help but love! Each slobbery pet is a hand puppet that “wakes up” when you put your hand in his back. By squeezing it’s head and mouth, your pet will make over 30 gross sounds such as snores, burps and farts.  You can even change the way each noise sounds by turning the dial on its collar. My son was by far the most excited of my children to receive this toy. He enjoys using the puppet feature to make funny faces with his pet. My daughter who is 10 was pretty disgusted by the dog but still found it hard not to giggle when she heard an unexpected burp coming from the hallway. Each pet comes with  a pug puppet (Grey, Brown, or Beige), Uggdoption certificate and instructions.  It requires 3x AAA batteries (not included).


I knew when my daughter saw Zelfs it would be love at first sight. Zelfs are Cute little creatures with bright colorful hair sticking up from the top of their head. The Zelfs come from the land of Zardinia and each lives in their own fabitat!  The Venus Flytrap Spin Salon is where you will find Tressa the hairdresser Venus Flytrap Zelf (Included with Spin Salon) The playset come with a medium zelf, 1 bullclip, 2 hairclips with extentions, a tiara, a hairbrush, 1 charm, 1 thread, and 1 leaflet. At the salon you can create countless hairstyles for Tressa or any of your other Zelfs (sold Seperately). One of our favorite features of the salon is the spinning chair. It helps you create a swirled effect in your zelfs hair. The Zelfs Venus Fly Trap Salon is the perfect way to spoil your Zelf by giving her a new do’!


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