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Emergency Rx: Hershey’s Spreads For What Ails You


Emergency Rx: Hershey's Spreads For What Ails You

Sometimes there just isn’t a pill that will fix what ails you. Perhaps it is because of hormones, or maybe it’s just that I am a lover of chocolate, but there are times when a chocolate fix is all that I need for a boost. It won’t fix everything on it’s own, but research shows that there are definitely some health benefits to eating chocolate. Some say that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down, but I say Just a spoonful of chocolate helps anything go down! For this purpose I have decided to share my secret weapon; an Emergency Rx: Hershey’s Spreads!

Emergency Rx: Hershey's Spreads For What Ails You

Hershey’s ended 2013 with a bang by introducing a new line of delicious chocolate, in spreadable form! With three different flavors, you can enjoy Hershey’s Spreads by the spoonful or with any number of different pairings. Select from chocolate, chocolate with almond or chocolate with hazelnut. Barring any allergies you really can’t go wrong with any flavor. I mean, we are talking spreadable chocolate folks!

Still unsure if chocolate really can improve your mood? I read somewhere that women who eat chocolate during pregnancy are better able to manage stress, resulting in happier babies. Chocolate must have some feel-good power when eaten in moderation because people often turn to it in times of stress, sadness, or turmoil. You will have to do the research for yourself but in doing some digging around the internet I also learned that chocolate “can” work as a cough suppressant, and for diarrhea relief! Say what? Are you jumping on the chocolate band wagon yet? As if that should even be a question!

I don’t know about you, but I plan to give Hershey’s Spreads a “go” for curing some of what ails me lately. After all, creating tasty and creative pairings always brings a smile to my face! Stay tuned to see what fun things I will be pairing with my spreadable chocolate. Thanks to Hershey’s I am off to a great start with a basket full of things to try with the three different flavors of Hershey’s Spreads. Follow the #SpreadPossibilities hashtag to see what pairings others are coming up with!

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