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Give the Gift of Childhood with Vitamin Angels

This post brought to you by Vitamin Angels Give Childhood. All opinions are 100% mine.

My two kids love to play outside! It doesn’t matter what the weather, they want to be outside! It’s one of the things I love about them! It just seems so pure and innocent to watch them running around, exploring and just being kids out there. If they don’t want to be outside, I know that something is wrong, and they must not be feeling well. If they do get sick, they are just so anxious to get back outside to play, that it breaks my heart to see them that way. For that reason, I try to do all that I can to keep them as healthy as possible, including making sure that they have a healthy diet that includes all of the essential vitamins. That way, they spend less time being sick and more time doing the things they love!

Sadly, for many mothers making sure that their children have healthy, well balanced meals, is not an option. This year, it is estimated that 3.1 million children are suffering from under nutrition and are not getting the essential vitamins needed for healthy living and play.

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To help combat under nutrition in children and mothers, Vitamin Angel was set up as a nonprofit or fundraising organization that is committed to distributing vitamins and minerals to those who need it. Now through 12/31/13 Vitamins Angels is raising funds through their Give Childhood Fundraising Campaign.

During this campaign, Vitamin Angles hopes to Give Childhood back to children in need by raising $300,000, which will be enough to distribute vitamins to 1.2 million children in a year. With everyone’s support Vitamin Angels hopes to distribute these lifesaving vitamins to as many as 50 countries including nations in Africia, Asia, Latin America and the US. As little as $.25 can provide a year’s supply of vitamin A to one child in need. So this season, give a gift by visiting Vitamin Angels Give Childhood to make a donation that will help deliver essential vitamins and minerals to at risk children in need.


Your support today will give the gift of childhood to those in need worldwide so please donate now.

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