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Sprout’s Holiday MOMents with Little Ones

Boys playing video games #SproutMOMent

The Big kids are home from school which lends itself to a whole other element of craziness at Holiday Time. The bigger the kid, the more they seem to monopolize the available time for busy moms. They have bigger ideas, greater need – or at least a greater ability to demand what they need and seem to wrap mom into their plans. I find that my pre-schooler often gets overlooked, especially at Holiday Time.

Girl Time #SproutMOMent

One great way to spend quality time with the younger ones is to take a bit of time and explore Sprout TV. One day in particular, just before Christmas, was especially stressful and I could tell my little gal was feeling neglected and ignored. I sent the big guys off to their rooms to do what big guys do, and Miss B came into my room with me. We got on our jammies, chose a couple of dolls she enjoys, a girlie board game and turned on Sprout’s Good Night Show and let Nina and Star soothe us into girlie oblivion. It truly is one of my favorite memories of the pre-holiday season.

Snuggling with my girl #SproutMOMent

Creating MOMents – time when you and your child can make a lasting memory and bond in significant ways is vitally important to not only your child’s development, but it calms the mommy beast and helps mom find joy in the small things. Mom’s attempt to make so many memories, especially during the Holiday Season – and many of those moments involve sugar, which spikes the energy of all involved. I find, often, as I try to have these BIG moments, I’m doomed to failure, as the expectation is so high. When those moments fail, or the kids don’t truly appreciate what I’ve tried to do, it’s best to just “bag” the big plan and scale things down. I know that some real bonding MOMents will come in quiet moments, when things are peaceful and I’m spending some one on one with each child. I know my MOMent on my bed with Miss Bea, a few dolls, a game and Sprouts on TV was a healing time for both of us and created a bond of love and trust to build on.

Snuggling #SpoutMOMent

Because this holiday season has been fraught with heartache and angst over some big life changes that recently occurred for my family, I have found that extra snuggles from my kids are what have gotten me through. There have been numerous MOMents when I have collected all of my kids on my king size bed and we all hunkered down under the covers and have watched movies, TV or played computer games. While I usually go bigger than this for the holidays, these times have been particularly special for healing and bonding, which we have all needed since dad moved out a week before Christmas.

What Holiday MOMents have you enjoyed with your kids?

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  • You have beautiful kids, Emily! (And they have a beautiful mommy!) Those look like some good times!! My hubby’s been working a lot of overtime, so it’s pretty much been just me and my babies. Mine are 13 and 9, but of course, still my babies! We’ve been a little under the weather, so we spent most of our time indoors. Baking, playing the Wii, playing with our furry little girl, and watching movies with hot chocolate and snuggling, (when I can!) pretty much sums up our Christmas vacation. It was awesome! We had a great time! We are blessed and thankful!

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