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Managing healthcare for a family of 5 isn’t necessarily a time consuming thing, but it can be a stressful thing. Fortunately I have very healthy children who only have to take the occasional prescription for what ails them. I can’t imagine what it is like for all the mothers who have children with many allergies, illnesses and the like. So many more records and prescriptions to keep track of!

One of the things I have a difficult time keeping track of is each of my children’s immunization records. I have a file that typically keeps these documents, but I seem to need to take them out frequently, to give to the school, doctor, etc. In one of the many exchanges, I seem to have not gotten the records back! So now I need to track down each of my kids’ immunizations from the different doctors that have completed them!  Frustrating indeed. I am super excited though, because I just discovered that with my online Walgreens Pharmacy account, I can not only keep record of everyone’s immunizations, but I can also schedule the kids’ next immunization! Extra security in having this information online.

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Then there are my prescriptions. I was diagnosed with hypothryoidism when I was 18, which means medication for life! Yay for me! I am not one who enjoys the regular pill popping, but I must do it out of necessity for life preservation. Because I have to take a prescription that needs to be refilled monthly, I get annoyed with having to remember to call in a refill every month. Problem solved with the Family Prescription Benefits through Walgreens.
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By creating a free Walgreens Pharmacy account online, my kids and I have access to the following Family Prescriptions Benefits:

  • Managing health for each family member
  • Manage prescriptions and refills
  • Set-up automatic refills for qualifying prescriptions (luckily mine qualifies – so, so happy about that)!
  • View Prescription history – this is great for taking into the doctor when necessary
  • Schedule Family Immunizations
  • Manage personal information and communication preferences
  • View order status and histories for online orders

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In addition to the online benefits, I have also signed up for Refill Reminders. I simply need to respond with a text saying REFILL and I’m good to go. Then I receive a second text notifying me when my prescription is ready for pick-up. Reminder texts are also sent out if the prescription isn’t picked up right away. I have to tell ya, this really takes the thought out of making sure I don’t run out of my necessary prescriptions! I love it and wish I had discovered it sooner.

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My son had an out-patient surgical procedure today and his doctor had prescribed him some medication to calm his nerves beforehand. The prescription was called in, and then I still received a text letting me know when it was ready for pick-up! Another fantastic aspect is that if the prescription is out of refills or if there are any problems, I receive a text notifying the prescription isn’t ready for pick-up and that they are already contacting my doctor. Talk about staying on top of your healthcare! I can’t imagine switching pharmacies because Walgreens takes pretty darn good care of me and my kids.

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