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Create Your Own Hero with Marvel Super Hero Mashers

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Have you ever thought about the huge huge amount of creativity required to create a comic book superhero? I have, and it kind of blows my mind, that someone can actually come up with this stuff! From Thor to Spider-Man, comic book pages are filled with amazingly unique characters with equally unique powers.

Thor Package

Now, you and your kids can join in the fun of creating your own comic-book worthy superhero with Marvel Super Hero Mashers by Hasbro. These toys, are action figures of well-loved Marvel Heroes with a twist. All of the limbs, and accessories are completely detachable so you can take them off and reassemble the body any way you like. The parts are even interchangeable with other Marvel Super Hero Mashers so you can mix and match characters to make a crazy mashed up hero!
I received two Marvel Super Hero Mashers for review, Thor and Hawkeye, and I thought a rainy Sunday morning would be a great time to bring them out. My kids first thought that they where just regular action figures and had a good time playing superheroes with with them. But when one of the limbs fell off during combat, I explained to them that these where special Marvel Super Hero Mashers and that you could change their parts around… That’s when things started to get a little crazy!

Head Double Two #MYMASHUP
My 7 year old son thought that it was hilarious to change out the parts and made many crazy creations such as giving Hawkeye a boot for his head and Thor arms for legs. Each new creation made him burst into fits of laughter, about his own crazy ideas! After hours of play, he came up with a creation that he was actually pretty proud of, which he named “Head Double Two”. I started asking him questions like “how did he get two heads” and “what is his super power” which got his creative juices flowing even more, and he now has plans to write his own comic-book tale on the adventures of “Head Double Two.”

Marvel Super Hero Mashers
Marvel Super Hero Mashers brought a lot of fun and creativity to a lazy Sunday morning in our house. I can’t wait till some of the other 20 characters anticipated for release in 2014 come out so that we can add more to our collection and make the mashups even crazier!

Join in on the fun by getting your own MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS Action Figures Assortment (Ages: 4 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $9.99/Available: January 2014) or MARVEL SUPER HERO MASHERS BATTLE UPGRADE Action Figures Assortment which also include additional weapons and accessories (Ages: 4 & up /Approx. Retail Price: $14.99/Available: January 2014).

You and your child can also experience mashers by visiting Hasbro, to learn more about Hasbro’s all-new toy line, and enjoy the online Make Your Own Marvel Super Hero Mash-Up experience for yourself!

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