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Disney On Ice Rockin’ Ever After

Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After

Last night was a magical evening with comped tickets to Disney On Ice Rockin’ Ever After, complete with Miss Bea and my mom.  Nothing is better than watching your little girl’s eyes light up when she sees her favorite princesses glide out in a magical ice skating show. The evening began as Mickey and Minnie introduced their high energy troupe. In between each princess’s tale, Mickey and Minnie grace us with their presence to announce the next act. It is so fun to see all of our favorite Disney characters share the ice.

I had expected to see Merida, Rapunzel, Ariel and Belle, but I was surprised to see Pinocchio! Pinocchio was at the beginning of the show, and it made me realize that I have never told my daughter the story of Pinocchio and is ever-growing nose when he would tell lies! I am happy to report that she is now informed! 

The Little Mermaid Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After

The first princess to tell her tale was Ariel from The Little Mermaid. The thing that made this Disney On Ice show different from the others I’ve seen is the music. Away from the traditional Disney movie songs, these songs were ROCKIN! We listened to “Under the Sea” to a beat that just made you want to get up and dance. That is just what Miss Bea did too! We were all blown away by Ariel’s mad skills as she did some aerial work. 

Tangled Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After

The music from Tangled stayed true to the movie, which was nice because I already love those songs! The voices and sound are taken directly from the movie, but you get to watch the action live! Flynn Rider could have had a better wig, but other than that, not bad!

Merida Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After

Merida was BEAUTIFUL! I just loved her hair, and Miss Bea said she was her favorite act of the night. She likes Merida’s independence and confidence. Showcasing her awesome archery skills, she broke a target right in half! The three little brothers and not-so-cute suitors were a hoot too.

Beauty and the Beast Disney On Ice Rockin' Ever After

I loved the entire act of Beauty and the Beast. It was a condensed version of the movie, and Gaston was surprisingly very handsome! I especially loved the “Be Our Guest” scene, and the great costumes! Watching flatware and napkins dance all over the ice with Belle was so fun!

To get the full effect you really just need to see the show! Disney On Ice Rockin’ Ever After will be in Sacramento through Monday, February 17th. Get your tickets and also see when they are coming near you, by visiting the Disney on Ice website.

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