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Give Yourself a Step Up in Life with a Werner Ladder

Werner NXT stepladder

If you live in a home – you just can’t get by without a ladder. I went without a ladder for too many years. So many projects were put on the back burner because I didn’t want to trek over to my parents to borrow their ladder, or I didn’t want to bother the neighbors (or just didn’t know them well enough) to borrow a ladder. Finally, I took an old weather worn, rickety wood ladder from my parent’s side yard and tried to put it to use. That was just dang scary. I made sure I checked my life insurance policy before I climbed up that thing. That’s when I was sent a Werner ladder to try and review! Thank heavens! 

Werner 6ft NXT stepladder

I am completely convinced that Werner ladders are THE best. I got the new 6ft NXT stepladder and I’ve already put it to so many uses – especially since it came a while before Christmas. There was no way I was going to use that old wood ladder to get up in my attic to retrieve Christmas decorations, hang Christmas lights, clean-out a few leaf packed gutters (for the rain we never got), wash a few crusty windows, touch up some painting projects, retrieve the Nerf dart from the windowsill in my stairwell and replace some burned out light bulbs. One of my favorite features of the NXT stepladders is the PRO TopHolster® top that will store tools in a more orderly fashion, but mostly that it prevents excessive trips up and down the ladder!

Werner Ladders have every ladder you could think of and they are there to help you select just the right ladder for your needs. According to their website they are:
Revolutionizing Ladder Buying with a ladder selection system that simplifies buying.

They’ve created what they call the Werner Performance System, a color coded, three-step process designed to heighten consumer confidence as well as consumer safety. This unique system – unparalleled in ladder history – matches duty rating with a color and a star ranking, helping consumers understand ladder lingo and feel more comfortable with the buying process.
You’ll find Werner Ladders on more trucks and job sites than all other ladders combined. They are continually developing their products to improve safety, meet needs and the demands of the job.

Werner says that “From start to finish, Werner is in control throughout the entire manufacturing process and uses only the highest grade raw materials to craft their products. The result is safe, quality climbing equipment that users have come to know and expect from Werner. Whether it’s our constant product testing or building an extension ladder that doesn’t twist, you can be assured Werner always has your safety in mind.”

Werner Ladders can be found online, or at your nearest hardware store – including Home Depot, Lowe’s and Ace Hardware.
Not only do I now have the new 6ft NXT stepladder, but I also have a Werner Compact Attic Ladder just waiting to be installed. Once I get that done, you’ll be hearing all about it.

So, the next time you need to hang that party piñata, whether it be from your old oak tree, or just on a 2×4 threaded through the ladder steps and back braces – think of the fine line of Werner Ladders and keep yourself safe while getting the job done.

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  • I have to hang up decorations all the time for parties and holiday. A Werner ladder will definitely come in handy. Thanks for the article, it was good!

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