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5 Prom Night Do’s and Don’ts For Parents

Spring is in the air, and for many people that means Prom Season is right around the corner! If you have a son or daughter attending prom this year, check out this “parent’s guide to prom” sponsored by JenJenHouse. You’ll learn 5 Prom Night Do’s and Don’ts for Parents. 

5 Prom Night Do's and Don'ts for Parents

Prom! It’s a night of nerves, excitement, laughter and tears… And that’s just the parents! It can be exciting yet heart-wrenching to see your child all dressed up for a night that seems like a huge stepping stone into adulthood. To get prepared read some simple Do’s and Don’ts to help make the event the magical night that you and your child have been planning for!

1. DO- Take tons of photos! Your child will act embarrassed but taking a bunch of photos of your daughter in her dress or your son in his tux will make them feel like the star of the night! Take photos of the shoes, the earrings, the hair, and of-course THE DRESS! Those photos will be precious, precious memories for years to come!

DON’T- follow your kids around town taking photos like their own personal paparazzi– You’ll just have to Be satisfied with the cheesy photos you got at home! Tell your kids to capture the rest of the night from their phone cameras then sit down with them the day-after, as they give you a photo run-down of the night!

2. DO- Check Instagram for tags- You know your kids’ friends are going to be posting photos and updates all night long and will probably tag your kid in more then a few of those. Checking them all from Instagram could be a fun way to follow along at home!

DON’T- leave a comment on a photo they are tagged in. Your kid will be mortified at your well-meaning post, and you will get labeled as the “Instagram Stalker” mom!

3. DO set a Prom Budget– Prom can be super expensive, and without a budget things can get out of control fast! Setting a budget before any of the shopping has started is a good way to set some limits on all of the prom spending

DON’T- hesitate to let your child
pay for some of it
– Prom is a stepping stone into adulthood, and what is more “adult” then earning and budgeting your own money. I remember that for my senior prom I wanted EVERYTHING! So I got a weekend job and saved up! When it came to paying for all of my prom “essentials” I felt really grown up doing it with my own money from my own job.

4. DO- Find the perfect dress– If you have a prom aged daughter, you probably already know that the dress is hands-down the most important part of the whole event! However, finding that perfect dress just got a whole lot easier thanks to help from JenJenHouse. JenJenHouse has an amazing selection of Prom dresses for every taste and style. They also offer their dresses in sizes 2-26w (also with custom sizing available) and in a large selection of colors, so it’s easy to find a dress as uniquely amazing as its wearer! I took a little browse (mostly because the princess-loving little girl inside me still really loves looking at gorgeous dresses)! So I thought I would share a few of my favorite finds:

This elegant a-line dress reminds me of a timeless classic that Audrey Hepburn would wear

This dress just says “classic prom”! With all that “poof” your little girl is sure to feel like a princess.

This dress is so sleek and sophisticated that your little girl will look all grown up in this stunning evening gown.

This is the dress for the girl who is modern and fun with a lot of personality! I am so in love with all the ruffles.

DON’T- refinance your home to pay for it! The perfect dress doesn’t need to cost a perfect fortune. Right now JenJenHouse is having a sale of up to 65% off, making all of their dresses less then $200!

5. DO- give your kids about a million hugs and kisses before they leave for the night. You are the parent of a teen… My guess is that you have more than earned that right!

DON’T- forget a tissue and waterproof mascara. You are going to need it for those few stray tears that might escape as the kids pull away.

Most of all, take a moment to just enjoy this special moment for you and your kids!

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  • PLEASE don’t follow the very bad advice on #1, ESPECIALLY about going on to post the photos all over social media! This is one of those well-intentioned, hades-road boundary busters a parent can do to their teen! Some kids are already shy and self-conscious, and having mom or dad completely ignore and blow off their teen’s heartfelt request for space and privacy is just downright cruel. Taking photos from every angle, to the nth detail, “from hair to earrings to dress to shoes!!” then “post so everyone they know can see and share!!” like your teen is a side-show attraction and slave to your attention-prostituting need is agonizinfg and, believe me, some kids will never forget how you trampled their feelings and made it clear they absolutely did not matter the least little bit to you. It’s a terrible violation of trust. LISTEN WHEN YOUR TEEN SAYS **NO MOM,** and **PLEASE** STOP. You just told your kid their feelings and privacy are worthless, meaningless and invalid. Think about that. Then think about it again. Don’t be surprised when your daughter sees her face splattered all over your social media despite begging you to knock it off and bursts into tears. Congrats. You ruined prom, mom.

  • I appreciate your advice. I had this article guest written. I think it’s okay to take many pictures for keepsakes and preserving memories but they don’t all need to be posted online. I ask my teens before I post pictures of them online.

  • I have always had a deal with my Daughter that she gets final approval of pics I post that way I don’t cross a line with her and she feels listened to.

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