5 Ways to “Toddler-ize” Your Daily Routine #MC Sponsored

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Any parent of toddlers knows that those little bodies are always on the go! Read on for ideas of how to “toddler-ize” your daily routine to tailor it for your “on-the-go”little one. 

5 Ways to Toddler-ize Your Daily Routine
If you come to my house any day of the week you are sure to have a wild, fun, always moving, always up to something, on-the-go kind of time! That’s right, I have a 2 year old! She is always exploring and learning new things, always making me smile and laugh, always wanting my undivided attention, always wanting to be involved, and always, always moving!

She has also discovered that when mommy is busy doing something, it is a “great” opportunity for her to be busily up to mischief! So lately I have found the need to re-adjust my daily routine a bit to make my daily tasks into fun “toddler-ized” activities for my curious little girl!

1. Meal times- I find that cooking healthy home cooked meals for my family is very rewarding. Ultimately I would take the time to lovingly chop the veggies and make a perfectly presented meal for the family. However, with a toddler in the kitchen, things can be kind of crazy! So I started “toddler-izing” my mealtime prep by getting her involved! My little girl just loves to help mix and stir and help me cook. If its a meal that she can’t really help with I get her involved by giving her a bowl and spoon and a few dry noodles or beans to mix around.

2. Laundry– Laundry is a never ending battle at my house, and something I never seemed to have the time to fit into my “no toddler time” (aka early mornings or late nights) routine. So I recently started “toddler-izing” laundry by doing it with her. While I still haven’t perfected how to fold the laundry with her, I have found that I can involve her in the other stuff! She absolutely loves throwing the laundry items into the washing machine or pulling them out and stuffing them into the dryer. It’s a great time for us to work on colors, sizes and names as we throw in a “yellow” shirt or a “small” sock. Then she gets to push the button at the end and watch all the clothes spin around which makes her so excited!

3.Floors– Toddlers and sticky floors are kind of a package deal! Whether its a spilled juice box or an art project gone awry, floors get messy easily! Cleaning floors however is a bit more of a challenge. Lately I have been trying to “toddler-ize” this task by giving my little girl a spray bottle of water to spray all over the floor while I am mopping! It keeps her busy while I am mopping, and I figure since I am going to mop it up anyways… Why not!

4. Dishes– My little one loves playing in water, so when she gets the craving to splash, I put her to work! I fill up my sink with some water and dish soap and let her go to town washing a few dishes, or sometimes I throw in a few of her plastic toys that could use a little cleaning! Keeps her busy and happy all morning!

5 Ways to Toddler-ize Your Daily Routine
5. Diaper Time– Now that my little girl is a toddler, gone are the days of laying her nicely on a changing pad while I carefully change her messy diaper! Little girl, does not have time for that anymore… She is a girl on the go! So I have found the need to “toddler-ize” this task too! I found a fantastic product that helps me do this – Huggies Little Movers Slip-on Diapers. These diapers are perfect standing and newly walking babies, but really just help those little ones MOVE! As the name indicates, they slip-on easily and they have a stretchier waste band making it even easier to help your little one learn how to put them on by herself. They still have the sticky side tabs, so you can have easy access for one of those “ooopsie” moments!

5 Ways to Toddler-ize Your Daily Routine
These are perfect for my little girl. She loves that she can pull it on herself and the fun Mickey Mouse designs. I love the Huggies “leak lock system” and the easy access side tabs so that I can be a little more zen when “accident” moments happen and shrug them off as part of the learning process!

If Huggies Little Movers Slip-Ons could help “Toddler-ize” your routine be sure to visit Huggies to print a special coupon, shop for products and find tons of useful tools and advice!


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