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Bake with Ease with the New C&H Pourable Sugars + Giveaway

This post is sponsored by the Mom It Forward Blogger Network on behalf of C&H®. All opinions expressed are my own.

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Sometimes sugar just has to be on the menu, and brown sugar has always had a special appeal to me. The blend of sugary sweetness with a hint of molasses is just what my taste buds need. I grew up learning that the only way to have hot cereal in the morning was with a spoonful of brown sugar on top, with a splash of cream. Nothing says comfort to me on a cold winter morning than a bowl of hot cereal. I often go back and forth between oatmeal and Cream O’ Wheat. My bowl of choice these days has been Cream O’ Wheat. I am currently off of carbs so I have been living vicariously through my daughter. A few times a week she begs for a warm bowl of Cream O’ Wheat with a spoonful of brown sugar, and a splash of cream. Just like her mama! 

C&H Pourable Brown Sugar

I do remember digging into the brown sugar container with a spoon and trying to break up the hard chunks, or get just the right amount. Problem solved with the new C&H Pourable Sugars. The easy pour flip top makes baking super easy and mess free. The reclosable lid keeps sugar fresh and mess out of the kitchen. The sturdy hourglass-shaped canister is available in Domino® Pourable Light Brown Sugar, C&H® Golden Brown Sugar and Quick Dissolve Superfine Sugar (available by Domino® and C&H®). It even saves your hands from getting extra sticky when sprinkling brown sugar over your cinnamon roll doll! Can you imagine? 

C&H Pourable Flip Top Brown Sugar

I wondered how well this pourable brown sugar would work, and not clump together. The texture is a bit different than your typical brown sugar, but the taste is just as great. We gave it a test run on the little girl’s Cream Of Wheat and it worked like a charm! Easy to sprinkle and get just the right amount. 

Cream of Wheat with new Pourable Brown Sugar

Combined with some vanilla creamer, little girl said her breakfast was “super delicious”. You can find the new C&H Pourable sugars in white and brown sugars. Add them to your beverage, oatmeal, recipe and more, and enjoy the quick dissolve! My mom was telling me that as a little girl she would take a piece of bread and butter it, then sprinkle brown sugar over it and pop it under the broiler. Sounds yummy to me! Sprinkling is made so easy with the new Flip Top Frenzy Free Sugars!

Now for the giveaway! (3) winners will receive a coupon to Try Domino or C&H sugar for free (up to $3 value)! I know you all could use this one! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm PT on 3/17. To enter, fill out the form below.

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