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A Day of Pie: Pie Recipes To Celebrate Pi Day (3.14) All Day Long

Whether you love Pi or just Pie, thanks to my sponsors at I was able to put together a collection of fantastic recipes to help you enjoy pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

I am not a fan of Math! I never have been! When I finished my last math course during college, I made a goal to prove that I would never use anything that I learned during that class in the real world… And so far I am succeeding at that goal!

However, something that I love is celebrating somewhat meaningless holidays! I think its so much fun to make a big deal out of a random or little-known holiday, where there are no traditions or expectations! So when I realized that “Pi Day” is coming up (3.14) I figured I would be willing to channel my inner Mathlete and celebrate it!

To celebrate, I thought it might be fun to have a whole day of Pie! Thats right… Pie for Breakfast, Lunch, Afterschool snack, Dinner and of-course, Dessert! To gain some inspiration for my Pi Day menu, I visited Foodie. If you haven’t done so yet, be sure to check out this site! They have a huge database of recipes that you can search through and save by creating collections of recipes. You can also leave yourself a little note about why you saved each recipe, making it an easy way to save recipes and remind yourself about when you want to use them.

To create my “Day of Pi” Menu, I first brainstormed by creating a collection of Pie recipes that could be made for different meals throughout the day. After I had made my collection of 15 recipes I went back through and narrowed it down to a few that I would try for a Pi Day celebration.

Here are my Pi Day Plans:

Breakfast: I plan to start our celebration by cutting out some of the numbers of Pi and sticking them around the kitchen where I will serve my kids Pumpkin Pie Breakfast Parfait.

Lunch: I found a cute mini quiche recipe that would be a fun change to stick in my kids’ lunch boxes, Ricotta Rosemary and Tomato Mini Quiche. I think I can even manage to use the tomatoes and rosemary leaves to form a silly face on the quiches!

Afterschool Snack: For a fun afterschool snack I found this great recipe for Frosted Berry Hand Pies that I plan to serve with a nice glass of milk. I am going to print out some “color by number” coloring pages for my kids to work on while enjoying their snack.

Dinner: For dinner I found a really creative recipe that I can’t wait to serve to my family, Buddy the Elf’s Spaghetti Pie! Yes, that’s right.. Spaghetti formed into a pie (check out the picture in my slideshow above)! I am seriously excited about this! I am going to get some white paper plates and look up some nerdy math jokes to write on each one to serve the spaghetti pie on.

Dessert: What would Pi Day be without a nice serving of Pie and ice-cream for dessert. To combine both of those, I found this great recipe for Hot for Cookie Icecream Pie.was I am drooling a little just thinking about it!

So whether you are thinking of celebrating Pi Day, or just looking for a slice of something yummy check out Foodie for some great recipe inspiration!


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