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I know that for many, our pets are important members of our family. So what does that mean? Does that mean we ignore them, feed them the cheapest food we can get them, and keep them on a chain at all times? Perhaps it does for some. In my family our doggie is our snuggle bug. I wouldn’t say I’m extreme with spoiling my dog, but we do love her.

When it comes to dog food, it is something I have been putting more thought into than I ever imagined. My pup suffers from dry skin and I have found that the dog food she eats is the determining factor for whether or not she has dry, flaky skin. I am trying to narrow down which ingredients in her food are causing her skin to flake and itch. Then I just came across Purina ONE® BeyOnd® dog food and I’m thinking of giving it a try. If you too are concerned about some of the ingredients in your dog’s food then perhaps you should head over and request a FREE 6oz sample of Beyond Dog Food.

Purina ONE® BeyOnd® is made with 9 simple ingredients, plus vitamins and minerals. This particular variety of dog food is mean to deliver just what your dog needs, and not what he doesn’t. Another bonus of Purina ONE® BeyOnd® is that you can purchase the nice big bags at Sam’s Club. I love being able to purchase dog food in the large bags so I don’t run out quickly. It is not something I like to shop for often. 

Go ahead and give this 9 ingredient free dog food sample a try! See if your pup likes it and if you are satisfied with the ingredients. Who doesn’t like freebies anyway?

**Sam’s Club has run out of samples, but you can still head in to purchase the Purina ONE® BeyOnd® dog food.

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