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Have you ever wanted to be a professional photographer or just wished to improve your photography skills as a hobby or for your own family pictures? Then read on to see how I was sponsored by Craftsy to tell you about a free online Professional Family Portraits Course.

I love photos of my family, especially my kids! I feel like they are both growing up so fast that I want to capture a little moment of their lives through photos that won’t ever change. Its so nice to have those little photo time capsules to memorialize each beautiful stage of their lives. So at least once a year I try to get professional photos of them taken. However, with photography being so trendy at the moment, that can get expensive fast! I’m a bit of a “DIY girl” at heart, so when I heard about a free online course from Craftsy that could teach me some photography skills, I was excited to give it a try! Craftsy is a website that offers fun arts and crafts classes online. Courses can be taken at your own pace and schedule, and can even be watched from their smartphone app, to make it easy to use on the go! I love that through Craftsy I am able to get in touch with my creative side without needing to schedule time and make babysitting arrangements to attend a community based class. Classes range in prices, and some are even free! One of the free classes offered right now is Professional Family Portraits by Professional family and advertising photographer Kirk Tuck.

I recently enrolled in the course and really enjoyed it. In the class, Kirk teaches how to set up a basic photo shoot in studio or on location, how to work with toddlers and children, finding great outdoor locations, the use of different lenses, and some basic photo editing techniques using photo shop. At the end of the course he invites you to apply the techniques that you learned in the class through a final project that you can showcase and share with your classmates. I loved the format of the class because it gave me the flexibility of watching the class on my own time and schedule. It also has a 30-second rewind feature, so if there was a section I was unsure about, I was able to just rewatch it as much as I needed to. In addition to watching the class, you can interact with classmates by posting questions and topics to the “class questions” board, looking at other students’ projects and read special announcements from the instructor. After watching the class I feel like I have a better understanding of what goes into professional photography and some new skills and techniques that I plan to use for my personal photography projects. If you want to learn how to take beautiful, professional-looking photos of your own family with Craftsy’s free Professional Family Portraits class, sign up now for this free Professional Family Portraits class.

Learn how to take beautiful, professional-looking photos of your own family with Craftsy’s free Professional Family Portraits class. Sign up now for this free Professional Family Portraits class! This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Craftsy. The opinions and text are all mine.


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