Keep Good Going- What We Do Now Influences Our Family Forever

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What we do today affects everyone around us. Friends, neighbors, co-workers and even random people we meet. But no-one is affected by us more then our family members, especially our kids and spouses. The positive things we do for our family can have more influence then anything else! A simple smile, or “I love you”can brighten a day, and  gentle hug or understanding ear can ease the greatest pains. All of these things can make a huge difference in the lives of those closest to us. When we give our best to them, they have the inner strengthen to “Keep Good Going” with all of the other people that they meet during their day. In this way, sincere kindness to our families, can strengthen many lives! 

Sometimes just the act of living a good, honest and hardworking life can bea huge example to our family members and inspire them to “Keep Good Going” through their own legacy of honest living. For me, my Dad had this kind of impact on my life.

When I was in High School, my Dad decided to go back to college. At that time he was active-duty military and approaching military retirement age. He had realized that his impending retirement would mean he would need to find work outside of the military life, and that without a college degree this would be difficult. So my Dad, in his 40’s and with 3 teenage kids decided to go back to school. I watched how hard he worked to succeed in his classes, and how with each paper written, test taken, and course completed, he was getting closer to his goal. Somehow he managed to balance school, work, and church service all while taking the time to be very involved in the lives of his family. I still marvel at the dedication that must have taken.

His example of how important it is to get a college education was a big influence to me as I graduated High School and started college myself. I thought about how hard he worked in college so that he could “Keep Good Going” by finding a good job that could support his family. The job he found is also a career that he is very passionate about and he can use as an avenue to influence others.

I tried to follow that example shortly after my son was born, when I decided to take the additional courses needed to get my preschool teaching credential. Because of this education I am also able to “Keep Good Going” by teaching preschool classes to some wonderful kids, while still being able to teach and be with my own children full time!

To gain a little more perspective about how you can “Keep Good Going” for those around you and to reflect on those whose love and example has made a positive influence in your life, check out this short video above, titled My Uncle’s Gift.  After you watch it let’s keep the good feelings flowing! Just leave me a comment telling me about someone who has influenced you, or how you “Keep Good Going” for those around you! Then let’s enjoy each other’s comments and use them as inspiration to “Keep Good Going” today! Learn more about how New York Life can help you and your family Keep Good Going!

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