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Whole Foods Market Aids Healthy Eating Education with 5% Sales on 4/9

I was asked to spread the word about a special Whole Foods Market event where 5% of sales on 4/9 go toward healthy eating education for kids. As such, a promotional item will be received. However, all opinions expressed are my own.


Have some grocery shopping that needs to be done? Today is the day to do it, and at your nearest Whole Foods Market in Northern California or Reno! Not only will you be taking home high quality, wholesome groceries, but by shopping today, April 9th, at Whole Foods Market, 5% of sales will go to support healthy eating education for kids at local schools across the region. The same applies for those who choose to enjoy a delicious and healthful lunch or dinner in the Whole Foods dining area!

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As many of you know, childhood obesity is an epidemic that is on the rise. There are far too many children (and frankly, parents too) who simply don’t understand the importance of eating healthy, don’t grasp what are considered healthy eating habits, or don’t care. The American Heart Association’s “Kids Cook with Heart” Program was started to bring health focused, hands-on cooking and nutrition education to schools. I believe when kids get in the kitchen and help with some of the food preparation, it can lead them to healthier eating habits. Being able to cook and prepare one’s own meals helps provide confidence in the kitchen, and around food, which can aid in a heart healthy lifestyle. I love the idea of hands-on cooking and nutrition in schools!

Wholes Foods Market must agree because in addition to hosting the five percent day, Whole Foods Market is facilitating program applications for area schools. School representatives can apply at store Customer Service desks. Applications are always available online, too, via the American Heart Association at http://bit.ly/KidsCookApp. The deadline for schools to apply for healthy eating educational programming is Wednesday, April 16. If my nearest Whole Foods Market was a tad closer, I’d be nagging someone at my school to sign us up! 

So, head out to your Whole Foods Market today and be a part of some positive change! Shoppers can find their nearest store at wholefoodsmarket.com. To learn more about the American Heart Association’s Kids Cook With Heart program, email: [email protected].


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