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14 “Cracker Jack” Ideas To Revolutionize Lunch With Dare Crackers

Ever have trouble figuring out what to make for lunch? See how my sponsors at Dare Crackers have helped to inspire me to create some delicious lunch combos, as well as have given me the chance to win some fantastic prizes in their upcoming sweepstakes!

Over the past year, I have been on a path to eating healthier and cleaner. I have tried to cut out a lot of processed foods and eat only “all natural” products. For most meals, I have figured out what to cook to
accomplish this, however, I always have the most trouble figuring out what to eat for lunch. I want something light and low in calories, but little more appealing then a salad!

To help me enjoy lunch again I found “Dare Crackers” and I am in love! They are delicious whole-grain crackers that are low in calories and all natural. They always feel like I am enjoying a real treat, but they are totally in keeping with my healthy eating plan!

Recently, Chef Kayne Raymond, came up with ten gourmet ways to top Dare Crackers that look absolutely amazing! Any one of them would make for a stunning meal or appetizer for a fun lunch get-together with friends! A few that I am particularly excited to try are

1. Get your Greek On- feta cheese, tomato, and fresh tuna with a special dressing

2. VIETNAMEASY- a medley of chicken breast, fresh shredded veggies and dressing
3. CAESAR THE MOMENT- a yummy Caesar salad in cracker-sized portions
4. MORROCKIN’ IT- Filet mignon- with some special spices and a little homemade tahini yogurt

These recipes inspired me to jot down a few do my favorite ways to top my Dare crackers. They are not as gourmet as Chef Kayne Raymond’s toppings, but they are yummy and easy to pull together for a fun, healthy and delicious lunch at home or on the go!

5. A slice of mozzarella cheese topped with avocado
6. Egg salad and clover sprouts
7. Tuna fish sprinkled with lemon pepper
8. Hummus topped with a slice of red bell pepper
9. Low-fat cream cheese topped with half a slice of Turkey breast and a cucumber slice

Dare Cracker Snacks with Turkey and Cucumber
10. Mozzarella cheese slice with a slice of pepperoni and half of a cherry tomato
11. Classic PB&J (my little girl’s favorite)
12. Vanilla non-fat Greek yogurt topped with a strawberry slice
13. Shredded chicken breast mixed with non-fat Greek yogurt, toasted almond slivers and raisins
14. Low-fat cream cheese mixed with shredded sharp cheddar cheese topped with a black olive slice

To make lunch even more appealing, Dare also has two appetizing ways to win while inspiring you to find your own favorite cracker topping combo!

The first is their “Inspire every bite” Sweepstakes. For this sweepstakes, new Dare crackers chef and spokesperson, Kayne Raymond, will invite one lucky winner into the kitchen for the Inspire Every Bite Sweepstakes on Facebook. Go to Inspire Every Bite Sweepstakes and vote for your favorite recipe for a chance to co-host your next party with Chef Kayne. Feeling inspired by a different flavor? Visit every day and cast your vote for a new favorite. Each vote is a chance to co-host your next party for nine guests with Chef Kayne Raymond.

The second sweepstakes is for a $250 Amex Giftcard! To enter this sweepstakes, vote for your four (or more!) fave Dare crackers’ recipes by clicking on the images and sharing your picks on Pinterest. Be sure to click the “done” button and register your votes via email or Facebook so you are entered to win the $250 Amex gift card.

Delicious recipes and a chance to win great prizes? I think I just fell in love with lunch all over again!

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