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Easy Mother’s Day Shopping with the eBay Mobile App

This post was written for Splash Creative Media on behalf of eBay. All opinions expressed are my own. Get the details on the eBay Mobile App updates! It’s the perfect app to use in making Mother’s Day shopping easy!

eBay Mobile App

Mother’s Day has always been an interesting holiday for me, as an adult. As a child, Mother’s Day was cut and dry – I honored and pampered my mom each year. As a mother, the day is a bit different. While I still try to honor and pamper my own mom, I also get to take part in a little pampering myself. However, when the kids are young, it is typically up to their dad to help take care of mom, right? That didn’t usually happen in my house, but I have a feeling things will be a bit different this year. Since there is no dad in the home, I have been getting hints that grandma is helping the kids to plan a nice Mother’s Day for me. I think that’s awfully nice since I should be taking care of her! So, I have been getting asked what I would like for Mother’s Day, and I really hadn’t thought about it. Then I heard that the eBay Mobile app came out with a great update that makes Mother’s Day shopping easy! I decided to check it out and see if I could come up with some Mother’s Day gift ideas for my kids.  

Because I never know what someone’s spending budget is I try to come up with gift ideas in a variety of price ranges. I frequently stay fairly conservative though, because I don’t want anyone to have to spend much on me. A nice thing about eBay is that you can usually find similar items in a wide variety of price ranges! After taking the eBay Mobile app for a whirl, I was impressed with the updates and how easy it is to browse and shop. I especially love the bigger pictures, which I find extremely helpful when browsing from a small screen such as a smartphone. After all, I know many people who shop from their smartphones on a regular basis!

eBay Mobile app shopping for travel bags

Aside from the typical pedicure gift certificate that I always enjoy, I thought I would do some searching for travel items. I have been traveling a lot for work lately, and I do not have a great travel bag or makeup bag. My suitcases are great, but I have been lacking a nice carry-on tote. I don’t particularly like wearing a backpack, which is what I usually do. I need something that will hold my laptop and iPad, my wallet and neck pillow, and will be checkpoint friendly. eBay Mobile app to the rescue! So many cute and useful options to be discovered.

Perhaps you are already an eBay Mobile app user, but haven’t heard about the updates! All new:
  • Improved notifications
  • A simple selling flow (especially easy if you use the barcode scanning in the app to upload details on media, electronics and home items)
  • New home screen design for iPhone
  • Bigger pictures
  • More search refinement options (color, size, brand, condition and category specific like megapixels)

The eBay Mobile app is available for every type of smart phone and can easily be downloaded for free from any app store.

What are you wanting for Mother’s Day?

Get a head start on your Mother’s Day shopping when you win one of the $25 eBay gift cards or the $100 gift card grand prize we’ll be giving out during the #eBayMobile Twitter party. Join us from 12-1pm PST on May 7th. RSVP here to be eligible to win one of the prizes! See ya then, and happy shopping!

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