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Eliminate Spotty Coverage with the Panasonic Link2Cell Phone

There is an epidemic sweeping the nation. It affects hundreds of homes and families nationwide, with it’s annoying and frustrating symptoms. It affects a wide demographic of people and until recently has been left fairly untreated. This outbreak is known as “Spotty Coverage”. Today I am bringing awareness to this issue by making readers aware of the causes and symptoms. I will also discus a simple cure, available from my sponsors at Panasonic, called Link2Cell.

Panasonic Link2Cell

Spotty Coverage is a syndrome where cell phone calls become hard to understand or are dropped altogether due to poor reception. It can occur very suddenly, without warning, or can be a persistent problem. Symptoms can occur at any time during the day, but are usually most noticeable during the evenings when phone calls are most prevalent. Some areas of the country are hit harder by this epidemic then others, but it is likely that most people will experience the symptoms of Spotty Coverage at least some time in their lives.

Causes: The Spotty Coverage virus can be found in households around the country who have abandoned a land-line phone and now are using their cell phones as a primary form of communication. Spotty coverage becomes airborne as people try to make cell phone calls in bad coverage areas. The users then notice it’s effects as the phone is hard to hear or randomly drop calls.

Symptoms: The effects of Spotty coverage can be very frustrating for those affected. The first symptom is sudden loss of hearing or muffled hearing, followed closely by a sudden mood change, and possibly an increase in blood pressure.

Treatments and Cures: Some people try to self-treat Spotty Coverage by finding a spot in their home that has good coverage. While this home-remedy may be effective, it can lead to temporary paralyzation, as it requires users to stand perfectly still for the duration of the call. In extreme cases, it can also cause a stiffness in the neck or others muscles if the location of good coverage causes users to be paralyzed in an awkward position.

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A new and highly effective treatment is now available on the market and has no known side effects. This course of treatment is the Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TG7742S, (MSRP $89.95). The phone I received is a 2-handset phone, which is no longer available. However, you can get the Link2Cell with 3 or 5 handsets!!

This new technology allows users to make and receive cell phone calls through the Panasonic Link2Cell handset and can be used with or without a landline. Users simply place their cellphone in the area of their home where they get the best reception. Users then sync their cell phone to the Link2Cell device via Bluetooth and can talk for hours without experiencing any of the symptoms of spotty coverage. This course of treatment also has the added benefit of the “Talking Caller ID” feature. This feature uses text-to-speech technology to let users hear the caller’s information in between phone rings, so they don’t have to go back and check their cell phones to find out caller info.

Have you ever experienced the harsh effects of spotty coverage? If so, join me in helping to eradicate this disorder. Is simple, just enter below to win a Panasonic Link2Cell KX-TG7742S for you and your family to use, and eliminate spotty coverage one home at time.



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