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Hair Full of Goodies and Sally Beauty Giveaways

As part of a compensated Sally Beauty campaign, I was asked to write about my shopping experience and the 5 Decades of Beauty Giveaways. All opinions expressed are my own. Read on to see the hair full of goodies I scored, and to see how you can win some fab prizes!

Sally Beauty Decades of Beauty Giveaways

Raising three boys and a little girl has definitely had it’s challenging moments, but I have also learned a whole lot! Both the challenges and learning will continue for years – and likely won’t ever end. Not only is each individual child very different from the next, but I have also spotted some strong differences between the boys and the girl. For starters, my boys could wake up in the morning, throw on yesterday’s dirty jeans and t-shirt, and head to school with bedhead. They wouldn’t give it a second thought either! My daughter on the other hand likes her outfits to match, her hair to be done, and to have matching cute shoes. I’m not saying there aren’t boys that care, or girls who don’t, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that there are more beauty products out there for women. It is likely also true that women do more of the shopping for said products. 

As a woman I think it is in my nature to be concerned with my looks. Because I am often busy, tired, and perhaps even lazy at times, I don’t always fix myself up, but it doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means my confidence will likely be a tad lower on those days. I am working on loving myself from the inside-out, as I think we all need to do. To help with some of those “outside needs”, I did a little shopping at Sally Beauty and scored some pretty sweet deals. I had $50 to spend and came away with an ion blow dryer, which had a promotion for a free curling iron with purchase! I also snagged some nail polish on clearance, which were also Buy 2 Get 1 Free! I threw in some hair product and called it a day. The blow dryer alone is typically around that price so I feel like I got some great deals!

With Sally Beauty celebrating 50 years with some sweet giveaways, you could win some cash to do some of your own deal hunting! Simply nominate a woman you think is most beautiful inside and out, for a chance at the following prizes:

  • 5 Weekly spotlights – $50 each winner
  • 50 finalists – $50 each winner
  • 5 semifinalists – $1,000 each winner
  • 1 grand prize – $5,000

The winning nominator of the grand prize winner will also receive their own $200 Sally gift card! It’s a win-win for you and someone you love! You have until June 22nd to get your nomination in. Only one nomination per person, and people may only be nominated once. 

Sally Beauty Coupon

While you’re thinking about those next beauty supplies you want to get your hands (or hair) on, snag this Sally Beauty coupon for $3.50 off any $10 purchase.

When learning some fun facts about Sally Beauty, I was shocked to learn that they have sold almost 3 times more hair extensions than they have hair color products. Hair color products even beats out shampoo! Some fun stats:

Hair Extensions  
Inches of Hair sold in 2013:        168,460,540
Feet of Hair Sold:          14,038,378
Miles of Hair Sold:                    2,659
This would reach from Los Angeles to Miami!  

 Have you ever used hair extensions? I never have! Go ahead and comment below, and feel free to share who you’ll be nominating for the grand prize!

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