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My Muddy Princess Needs Some Biz

This post brought to you by Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator. All opinions are 100% mine.

My little girl has some adorable clothes! She has tutus, dresses and shoes, and she loves to dress up in them and look like a princess! On the other hand, she also loves playing in MUD! She is the kind of girl who loves to play outside and is never afraid to get dirty. A few weeks ago, we had her dressed for church in a lovely little dress and white tights. On our way to the car, she found the one patch of mud in our entire yard and got herself all muddy! That’s my girl! And that’s something I just love about her, however… her cute clothes do not! 
When it’s time to get some of those mud stains out, I need some heavy duty techniques to keep those little tutus and dresses worthy of my little princess. This also works on the grease stains that I occasionally drip on the front of my own shirts! For times like this, I need a little more cleaning power then detergent alone. For times like this I need to add a little Biz to my laundry. Biz is a stain fighter that can be used as a pre-soak for tough stains or added to a load laundry to give a stain fighting boost to the entire load. Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients
Biz has been trusted for generations because of its ability to clean up to 80% better then detergent alone. This is because, unlike its competitors, it contains enzymes, peroxide, whitening agents, and detergents so that it has a unique formula that can take on a wide range of stains. That’s music to the princess’s mother’s ears (I suppose that would make me the Queen.) 
Because Biz has worked so well for so many generations of “Queen” moms, the amazing formula has remained the same! However the packaging has recently gotten a great make-over to prove that the formula is far from out-dated. I think it looks so great that it gets my royal stamp of approval. 
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