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Peace and Serenity at Camp Richardson in Lake Tahoe

I was offered a complimentary stay at Camp Richardson in Lake Tahoe. All opinions expressed are my own.
Camp Richardson in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to visit when I need to “get away from it all”! There is something so peaceful and serene about vacating to Tahoe, and I really hit the jackpot for a much needed quiet weekend away, with a stay at Camp Richardson! With all of the stress between work, church and a pending divorce, a relaxing weekend with my kids was what the doctor ordered. I don’t think I could have chosen a better place for what I needed. I packed my kids up and headed for a Camp Richardson cabin, hoping for snow!

Lake Tahoe view from Camp Richardson

After a very dry winter, I am pleased to say that the kids got what they wanted – SNOW! There was no snow on the ground when we arrived, but after our first night there, it began to snow and it even stuck! My kids were beyond excited to wake up to snow on the ground. There were some attempted snowmen and definitely some snowballs thrown.

Lake Tahoe Winter Vacation

I will admit that I was a bit nervous of staying in a cabin with my kids, with NO television or internet! I wasn’t quite sure how it would go down, but I was pleasantly surprised. There really wasn’t any fighting, and everyone got along quite well. PEACE is what we got!

Camp Richardson Cadillac Cabin

Camp Richardson is located right at the edge of Lake Tahoe and offers a variety of lodging options, including a hotel, cabins, RV parking and camping. There really is something for everyone. I opted for a cabin so I could get the whole experience, but without having to brave the cold weather.

Camp Richardson Cadillac Living Room

The Cadillac cabin where we stayed was quite comfortable with a kitchen right when you enter the cabin. This was very was planning on someone’s part because we frequently tracked in mud and snow, and it was a relief to be able to part with our shoes before entering the carpeted bedrooms. The kitchen was complete with all of the cooking supplies and appliances needed to take care of our own meals. To one side of the kitchen was a very spacious living room complete with hide-a-bed, big comfy chairs and a fireplace. The living room also had it’s own bathroom.

Camp Richardson Cadillac Cabin

 To the other side of the kitchen was the bedroom, which had two doubles and a twin, and a bathroom attached! With 2 bathrooms and plenty of sleeping arrangements, everyone was quite comfortable. One piece of advice though – take quick showers!! The water heater is quite small and we learned that the hard way. Just be sure to plan accordingly and don’t let the water hogs shower first.

For a relaxing getaway, Camp Richardson would be fantastic in summer or winter! I can’t wait to give it a try in the summer, and take advantage of all the water has to offer! If you ever find yourself in Tahoe and need a place to stay, come learn about the history of Camp Richardson, and plan a visit.

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