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Pay with Your Phone Using Isis Wallet

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Isis Wallet Wells Fargo Card

I don’t know many people who will leave their house without their phone. Our phones have become such an important part of our lives. Because of the amazing technology in our smartphones, we can do just about everything with them! I am an Android user and I use my phone to check email, pay bills, shop online, check social media, listen to music, connect with loved ones via talk, text and Skype, and the list goes on. I recently added a new perk to my phone and that is using the Isis Wallet to pay for purchases around town. 

Isis Wallet is an app that supports American Express, Chase and Wells Fargo cards. If you don’t have any of these cards, you can sign up for American Express Serve prepaid card that you can fund from  any bank account. By signing up for the American Express Serve prepaid card you will receive an initial $25 balance to put towards your purchases. To get started, simply visit your AT&T, Verizon or T-Mobile store and have them swap out your SIM card for one that supports the app. Once you’ve done that, load one of the above mentioned cards to the app and you are ready to make purchases at any payment terminal that accepts contactless payments. This new mobile wallet protects your payment information and allows you to go about your day without having to haul your wallet around. 

Isis Wallet App: Digital Wallet

Unsure of what contactless payments are? It took me a bit of searching and reading to really understand how someone could pay for lunch with a phone. Stores such as Toys’R’Us, Jamba Juice and McDonald’s have the ability to accept contactless payments. Notice the additional piece of equipment above where you slide your debit card as a payment? Lightly press the back of your phone to that part of the system and voila – payment made! Talk about convenience!

Now for my favorite part. The Isis Wallet unlocks savings just for using it as your digital wallet. Earn rewards such as free smoothies from Jamba Juice, 50% back on NYC Taxi rides when you pay with American Express and a $1 back every time you tap to pay with your American Express Serve card. What are you waiting for – See if your phone is Isis Wallet ready, and get saving today! You really can’t beat the convenience of paying for your next smoothie with your phone.

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