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About Pop’s Nature: Father’s Day Game to Create a “Real” Celebration

Last weekend, we celebrated Father’s Day a little early with my in-laws. Learn about a fun Father’s Day Game that we played to celebrate Pop and how my sponsors at Taste of Nature helped turn it into a “Real” celebration. 

Father’s Day is next Sunday, but since my in-laws happened to be visiting last weekend along with a few of their friends, we decided it would be fun to celebrate Father’s Day a little early with my Father-in-law. Since they live out of town and we rarely get to celebrate Father’s Day with him in person, I thought it would be fun to turn the visit into a little bit of a celebration of “Pop”.

About Pop's Nature: Father's Day Game
We started by playing a little “getting to know you” game that I called “About Pop’s Nature”! I had prepared a box of Taste of Nature California Almond Valley Snack Bars by attaching a tag to each bar that said, “About Pop’s Nature.” Inside of the tag I had written a question to ask my Father-in-Law such as “what is your favorite color?” “How did you meet Grammy?” and “What was you favorite thing about school?”

About Pop's Nature: Father's Day Game
I had everyone sit in a circle around the living room and turned on some music. As the music played, I had everyone pass around a frisbee hot potato style. When the music stopped, the person left holding the frisbee got to pick out one of the snack bars and ask Pop the attached question. We repeated till all of the snack bars where gone!

It was a fun and interactive way for my Father-in-law to share some of his stories with his grand kids, which I think made him feel very special. It was also fantastic for the kids (and the rest of us) to learn some new stories and get a “taste” of Pop’s true “nature”!

When the game was done. We gave my Father-in-law a little gift bag filled with some Taste of Nature bars and a fun tag that said:

You are a little NUTTY and very SWEET,
When it comes to good NATURE you can’t be beat!
Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day Gift Idea
After that and a few more Father’s Day gifts we enjoyed a yummy and easy dinner of Crockpot Enchilada Pasta (one of my go-to meals for feeding a big crowd). After dinner the kids had fun playing paddle ball with a balloon while the grown ups cleaned up from dinner and chatted.


While we where chatting, I brought out a few more boxes of Taste of Nature Bars for a light, healthy and delicious dessert. These certified organic and “non-GMO project” certified snack bars are a snack that you can feel good about enjoying! That’s because they are made of all-natural “real” ingredients with no added junk!

Taste of Nature party
They are all individually wrapped so they are an easy, high protein snack for on the go (or for just sitting around the dinner table chatting). It was a great snack to serve for our Father’s Day celebration, because they have a low glycemic index, so my Father-in-law who has diabetes was able to enjoy them also! Everyone loved tasting the variety of flavors including “Brazilian Nut Fiesta”, “Quebec Cranberry Carnival” and “Himalayan Goji Summit” but I think “Canadian Maple Forest” was the favorite (because that box was completely empty by the end of the night!)

Eating Taste of Nature bars
All-in-all it Taste of Nature Barswas a “real” celebration! We heard some real, organic stories from Pop while eating some real, organic food from Taste of Nature. I think everyone there would agree that real tastes good!


To have your own “real” Father’s Day celebration, or to just enjoy Taste of Nature Snack Bars anytime (retailing for $1.99 per bar) visit the Taste of Nature website to find a retailer near you.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.


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