Tools for a Small Business Owner with Office 365 from GoDaddy and Giveaway

This post brought to you by GoDaddy. All opinions are 100% mine. I’m sharing tools for small business owners, including Office 365 from GoDaddy. 

I have been a blogger for 4 and a half years now, and it still amazes me that is something I started on my own! Never in my dreams did I imagine being a blogger could be as amazing as it is, and open the doors it has opened. It has taken a lot of internet searching, networking and hard work to get where I am. Starting a business is definitely not easy, but there are some tools that can make it go more smoothly. I thought I’d tell you all about some tools for a small business owner, to make it a bit more manageable. 

Then when you’re done learning, enter to win a 1-year Office 365 GoDaddy Business Essentials Plan and a 1-year .COM, .NET or .ORG domain name registration. 

When I started my blog, the very first place I turned for help was GoDaddy. I knew I needed to purchase a domain (web address) before anything else could take place. GoDaddy has been a reliable source for such purposes for a long time, but now they are offering even more to customers! Business owners can now take advantage of Office 365 from GoDaddy.

Some of my favorite features of Office 365 from GoDaddy are:

  1. Personalized email address (such as [email protected])
  2. Online meeting solutions
  3. Collaborate with co-workers and/or employees with the ability to work on the same document at the same time. 
  4. Access Word Documents, Excel and PowerPoint from any device, anywhere!
  5. Easy set-up, with excellent customer support to help you should you encounter any issues. 

Set-up and support for Office 365 from GoDaddy is specially designed for the small business that might not have an IT department. (Easy set up, familiar tools, helpful 24/7 support from GoDaddy). 

Always Open Small Business infographic

I’m not the most tech savvy person. I can find my way around the computer and know how to search anything I need, but it sure is nice being able to call and have them walk me through the set-up process. 

What features of Office 365 from GoDaddy are you most excited to use? Remember that giveaway I was telling you about? Now is the time to enter! One lucky reader will win 1-year of Office 365 from GoDaddy, in addition to their own domain for 1-year! The giveaway will end at 11:59pm ET on 7/4/14. Are you a small business owner? To enter, leave a comment letting me know how Office 365 from GoDaddy can help you better manage your business. Good luck!

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  • I would love to win Office 365 to help me with my writing business! Being able to access those documents that I create from anywhere would be so much easier than having everything based on one computer. Thanks for this great post and I’m so happy that your business has grown as much as it has–you’re a hard worker and you deserve it!

  • I would love to win this for my son who is starting up his own dog training business. He is so passionate about this and I would love to see him have the tools to help take his passion off to the next level.

  • I love using Office to make my own price sheets, invoices, letters, emails, budgets etc. There is no better suite of programs! I would love to win so I could have it on my new laptop!

  • I have a blog that I don’t use much just because it is not what I want. I would love to have my own webpage so that I can make it what I want and get back to working on it. I also volunteer with @CASA so having a program to work on like Office 365 would be great.

  • I’m starting nursing school soon and my husband runs his business on the side-i do all the business stuff and does the labor. This would make life so much easier for us, for him and ultimately for me! This is an awesome gift for any small business owner!

  • his would help me ALOT! I do everything in the office and sometimes from home as well for my husband and his brothers golf cart shop and its a lot to handle. With office 365 It would make my lofe soooo much easier!
    check out our facebook page and please like it while you are there 🙂
    thanks and Good Luck everyone!!!

  • I would love to win. Going back to school and husband working from home. Found your Facebook after I stopped getting you in my feed , now your in my notifications yay!

  • This would help my small business as I used to have office on our Vista computer but on no other computer. I use a program where the company has since gone out of business and is no longer supported, so if I were to win this, I would be able to complete more things. I use godaddy for my domain name already and have been very happy with their service.

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