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Celebrate the Beautiful Women in Your Life with a Contest


Leanne and Grandma

There are certain women who radiate beauty that comes from within. My friend, Leanne, is such a woman. I’ve known her for many years, and in all that time I can say I’ve never seen her upset, angry or even unhappy. I’m sure she has those moments, but when you’re around Leanne she is focused on others, rather than herself. I happen to know she’s had some personal struggles in her life, but she tackles those trials head-on with a positive outlook. There are no “pity pots” at her house. Leanne has a child with some special needs, and I’ve only seen her act with the utmost patience and love. She also teaches pre-schoolers Music and Movement – and those kids adore her because they know they are loved, appreciated and will be joyfully engaged when they come to class. 

Over the past several months, I’ve had some huge life changes and Leanne has been there as a true, unjudging, loving friend. I knew I could always count on Leanne to be there for me through these trials. There were some weeks where she would send a daily text asking how I was holding up. She has meant the world to me! Not only  has she been sensitive and caring, but she’s also eased some heavy burdens with my blog. She is the type of friend that makes you feel like you’re actually doing her a favor by allowing her to help you out. 

One of my favorite things about Leanne is her constant quest for self-improvement. I’m not talking about vanity here – I don’t think Leanne knows the meaning of personal vanity. She is always seeking ways to be a better person and is willing to try new things, or extend herself out of her comfort zone. I know she doesn’t devote much time or expense to herself – her focus is on others! I admire so much about Leanne. 

5 Decades of Beauty

Do you know a beautiful woman (inside and out) that you think is deserving of some pampering? Sally Beauty stores are celebrating 5 decades of beauty by asking you to nominate the most beautiful women inside and out, for multiple prizes. A few of the prizes:

  • 5 Weekly spotlights – $50 each winner
  • 50 finalists – $50 each winner
  • 5 semifinalists – $1,000 each winner
  • 1 grand prize – $5,000

I’d love for you to comment below with who you will be nominating! After you’ve nominated someone, head over and print a coupon for $3.50 off any $10 purchase at Sally Beauty stores. Get in and do a little self-pampering too!

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Emily Buys


  • My sister in law Ronda is such a person. She has opened her home and heart to me. When my husband lost his job, she offered to pay our phone bills for a year without asking anything in return. She also has the same personality as Leanne. I have never seen her anything but happy and cheerful. She has had her own challenges but still finds a way to serve others before herself. Ronda can make you feel like you’ve known her forever and her laugh is contagious.

  • i nominate my mother in law who goes above and beyond to be an amazing person. She has physical limitations of her own but I have known her be in 100% pain, cant get out of bed because she is in so much pain. (She has several issues like seizures and migraines) but she will still pick up the phone to check on my son. He is now suffering from migraines too. 🙁
    words alone cant describe how wonderful of a woman she is. She accepted me and my children from day one and made us feel like we were family from the very first day. And she proves to us everyday that we are important to her. My mother in law is the best and deserves an award for it!

  • Ahhhhhh you are too sweet Emily! Your going to make me tear up, girly! That was beautiful, thank you 🙂 I’ll read it whenever I’m feeling down 😉

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