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DOLE Fruit in Jars with Greek Yogurt: A Day-Dream Reality!

Dole Fruit in Jars and pairings

I’ve been on a very strict weight loss program for the past 4 months which consists of pre-packaged high protein foods, and cooking my own massive amounts of veggies and 8 oz of lean protein per day. The diet has no dairy, no fruit and no carbs. Yeah, it’s a strict diet doctor supervised diet, but it’s worked well for me. I am a week away from phasing off and slowly introducing some of those foods I’ve been missing. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’ve been day-dreaming about some of the first foods I’ll be introducing. One of my “firsts” will be some fruit and some yogurt!

I was totally excited when I was asked to review and create a pairing with Greek yogurt!! Right up my day-dreaming alley.

Dole is a brand I’ve always counted on for high quality and great variety. And . . . because I’m on the go and not always able to keep a variety of fresh fruit on hand without worry about spoilage, I am really eager to give DOLE Fruit in Jars a try. So many times, I’ve opened a can of fruit and not been able to consume the whole can and either had to place it in a plastic container or cover the can with plastic wrap, thinking I’d get to it the next day – ewww, tinny taste or what!

DOLE Fruit in Jars offers the convenience I’m looking for:

  • With DOLE Fruit in Jars there’s no cutting, peeling or mess. Just open the jar and taste the goodness of all natural, ready-to-eat fruit that was picked and packed at the peak of ripeness.
  • Dole Fruit in Jars have convenient, resealable lids. Just spoon out the necessary amount of fruit and reseal the jar – you don’t have to worry about waste and you can easily save the remaining fruit for later.
  • Each jar contains five full servings of fruit and are packed with nutritious 100% Fruit Juice. Dole Fruit in Jars comes in 5 flavorful varieties: Mandarin Oranges, Pineapple Chunks, Tropical Fruit, Slice Peaches and Mixed Fruit.

I’m also a huge fan of Greek Yogurt. It offers the nutrition I’m looking for and is packed with added protein. Since I’m on a quest to maintain my weight loss, I won’t be using yogurt with fruit added because often there’s added sugars and flavoring. Plain Greek Yogurt will be my friend, paired with DOLE Fruit in Jars because it’s packed in natural fruit juice with no added sugars.

In my day-dreaming of what I get to eat next week, here’s what I came up with: Tropical Paradise Crunch

Tropical Paradise Crunch 

Day-Dream Heaven – right. I chose DOLE Fruit in Jars Tropical Fruit, a bit of crunchy low sugar granola, topped with a Tropical Dried Fruit Blend because it gave me the feeling of a tropical paradise escape. I’ll be savoring every bite, and feeling safe knowing there’s more DOLE Fruit in Jars in the fridge waiting for me to enjoy the next day!

Along adding some of those foods I’ve been missing, I’ll be creating a fitness routine to live with regularly. Here’s some tips from DOLE   for 5 days of Food and Fitness:

  • Monday – start the week with a Medicine Ball workout. It’s a great way to work various muscles at the start of your week.
  • Tuesday – Turn it up Tuesday by mixing up your cardio workouts to help prevent injury and become stronger overall.
  • Wednesday – Spruce up Your Fruit by adding some DOLE Fruit in Jars to help maintain a healthy diet. Pair it with some Greek Yogurt for added nutrition and a protein push.
  • Thursday – multi-task during your work-out. Catch up on some TV shows by clearing a workout space in front of the TV or computer. No reason you can’t do some crunches, jumping jacks , push-ups or squats while watching TV!
  • Friday – Reward yourself for your diligence by giving yourself a star for each time you did your work-out. When you get to 20 stars, give yourself a really indulgent reward (thinking mani/pedi, massage or some chocolate here).


Tropical Paradise Crunch

Now that I’ve shared with you my indulgent DOLE Fruit in Jars pairing with Greek Yogurt, you can share your pairing with me – so I can add to my Day-Dreaming, soon to be reality list.



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