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Fresh Invisalign Trays and Retainers with Fresh Guard

Fresh Guard Removable Dental Appliance Cleaner

I had my teeth straightened with removable braces about 4 years ago, and have been faithful wearing my retainers ever since. Fortunately, I only have to wear them at night. I never thought I would be one to have straight teeth or confidence in my smile. I did a ton of research before I began my treatment program and one of the concerns that stayed with me was “how to keep my dental appliances clean.” For the past few years I’ve been struggling to find just the right cleaning method – as you must be careful to not damage the specially formulated plastic devices. And believe me, when you spend what it costs for treatment, you want your appliances to last! And more importantly, you want to know they are clean and free from bacteria. The mouth can be a dirty place.

Fresh Guard Dental Appliance Cleaner
Now I rely on Fresh Guard, from the makers of Efferdent, – a new cleaning product for “Removable Dental Appliances.”  Currently, no other product exists that is designed to clean the unique materials these appliances are made of.  Users have resorted to cleaning with toothbrush & toothpaste, mouthwash, denture cleaners, etc., that either damage the product, does not kill bacteria, causes discoloration to the product, and can corrode metal and damage other materials.  Wearers of removable dental appliances are unsatisfied with their current cleaning methods.”

Fresh Guard is specially formulated for retainers, mouthguards and removable braces.  It delivers a Complete Clean – 1) prevents the build-up of mouth film for a clean feel, 2) removes odor-causing bacteria for a fresh and clean smell, and 3) reduces yellowing and helps remove stains for a clean look. There are two ways to use Fresh Guard – 1) Fresh Guard by Efferdent Soak, a 5-minute deep clean used at home, and 2) Fresh Guard by Efferdent Wipes, a convenient on-the-go cleaning, with no water needed. “

Fresh Guard Removable Dental Appliance Cleaner

I remove my retainers in the morning, and place them to soak while I’m in the shower, then put them in their special container. I now have confidence knowing they’re fresh and clean and ready for use at night without any worries. Having the wipes for on- the-go is an added benefit for those who are undergoing 24/7 treatment. So many times I would be out to eat, and not have a way to give my dental appliances a quick, refreshing cleaning before putting them back in place. Thank you Fresh Guard for thinking of a growing population of adults who are improving their smiles with orthodontics. (kids can use this product too!) Our smile is the best thing we have to offer the public.

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Fresh Guard™ is specially formulated to clean mouth guards, retainers, and clear braces. Fresh Guard™ Soak kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria in just 5 minutes while Fresh Guard™  Wipes offer a convenient on-the-go cleaning solution with no water needed. Visit for more information, store locator and coupons!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Fresh Guard™. I received promotional items and Fresh Guard™ products in exchange for my participation. The opinions and text are mine.


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  • Fresh guard is really a very is very best choice for removing stains and bad smell from the removal type of braces. Usually, the Invisalign type of braces should be protected effectively for better teeth straightening process.

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