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Make Dog Treats More Fun for Your Pup with Beggin® Party Poppers™

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Treat time for my pup, Lucy, seems to be a happy event for everyone. My kids will often beg to give Lucy dog treats. I think they just enjoy seeing Lucy’s reaction when they ask her if she wants a treat. She gets so excited and knows just where to go when they do ask her. Well, let me tell ya – treat time is even more fun with the new Beggin’® Poppers™!


With Beggin’® Party Poppers™, not only will your dog receive Beggin’® wrapped cheese flavored cubes (doggy delish), but everyone gets the added fun of watching these cubes fly into the air. My kiddos have turned this into a game, to see how high they can get the dog treats to fly. Sometimes they will even place the piggy container on the container, to give it extra height. The kids are determined to get Lucy to catch the cubes from mid-air! Simply load a treat onto the Party Poppers™ pig nose, push it down, wait, and then watch it fly. Treat time has now become play time! Now I’ve just got to figure out how to get the kids to pace themselves and not spoil Lucy with treats all the time. I’m thinking I need to come up with a system for taking turns giving the dog treats each day, so she doesn’t get one from everyone in the house. 

Beggin Party Poppers

The new Beggin’® Party Poppers™ from Purina® are available at Sam’s Club, which should provide you with a nice value. I’d love to hear if you’ve shared these fun treats with your pup, and what he/she thought of them. These doggy treats come in cheese and bacon, so you really can’t go wrong when picking a flavor. 


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  • Load that popper with mini cookies for the kiddos! Get them beggin for more.

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