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Space Saver and Safety with the SANUS TV Mount

How many of you recall the days of the gigantic 100lb family TV sitting on a flimsy folding TV tray? Those trays were made for eating, not supporting a humongous TV! I read recently that a every 45 min a child is injured from a TV tipping over. I’m always amazed at the precarious positions we place our TVs not giving a thought to safety. Fortunately, TVs have changed vastly in the past few years with the advent of flat screen TVs, and often they come with their own stand, but those can still be tipped over by that persistent toddler. The safest place to mount a TV is on the wall.

SANUS is aware of these safety issues and strives to provide safe mountings for your valuable TV, keeping your invaluable children safe, with the SANUS TV Mount. 

Space Saver and Safety with the SANUS TV Mount

Not only will you keep your family safe, but you’ll get the most out of your flat-panel TV by mounting it on the wall for optimal performance. SANUS wall mounts extend, tilt and swivel, making it easy to find the best viewing angle and reduce glare from lights or windows.

And with your flat screen on the wall you’ll create a pleasing aesthetic by freeing up valuable space on top of furniture or even removing your furniture altogether for a clean, modern look in any room. Mounting your TV on the wall and out of the way is a great way to emphasize its sleek, thin design.

My kids are in the habit of having an up close and personal encounter with the TV – I’m talking having their face not 6 inches from the TV! When they were toddlers, the TV constantly was covered with prints from hands, feet, nose and just about any other body part, not to mention peanut butter and many other sticky food stuffs.

Now with a sleek a wall mount, just above their head, they are forced to take a step back and view the TV from a reasonable distance, and we have no more food or body smears on the TV screen!

Space Saver and Safety with the SANUS TV Mount

SANUS provided me with the Premium Series VSF415 Full Motion Mount for review. Some of the best features you can expect are:

  • Conceals unsightly cables
  • Easily adjusts your TV without tools
  • Enjoy a great picture no matter where you watch
  • Hardware included (it was a snap to install!)
  • Swivel your TV left and right for the perfect view
  • Tilt your TV for perfect viewing from the couch or floor (or bed)
  • Tool-free mount assembly ensures a quick installation
  • UL-listed for quality and safety assurance
  • View picture in landscape or portrait mode

At SANUS, they’ve set the standard for mount technology. Using innovative design and outstanding safety features, their mounts allow you to find the perfect position for your TV, Soundbar, iPad, and more. When you visit their website at you can find exactly what you’re looking for in their easy search. If you’re not sure what type of mount you need for your TV, you can just enter the model # and Sanus will direct you to the correct mounting device. Or if you don’t know your model #, you can use the handy MountFinder Tool. They also have several informational videos you can view to help you find the best way to mount your TV for your particular needs. They’ve thought of everything.

Keep your family or guests safe and maximize your viewing pleasure by investing in a SANUS mounting device.

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