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Soaring Through Carson Valley

With my love for travel comes the occasional complications. I have a zest for trying new things and exploring new areas, but my kids don’t always share this sentiment. I am working very hard to get my kids out of their shell, and their comfort zone, so they will desire to try new experiences. Until they are completely open (and easy), I am content with having some of my own getaways. When asked to visit Carson Valley and experience some of the fun and relaxing things they have to offer, I knew just which girlfriend I would take on the trip. My friend Kristi is a fairly new mom, with little time to herself, so a weekend in Carson Valley, with just the two of us, was in order!    Carson Valley Inn Our fun girl’s weekend began with a stay at the Carson Valley Inn. If you are looking for comfortable sleeping arrangements, a rather large bathroom, affordable (and delicious) dining, a casino and a great location, then the Carson Valley Inn has got you covered! I recommend dining at Katie’s Country Kitchen and asking for their special. You won’t be disappointed with the quality, quantity and price!

Jacobs Berry Farm Appetizers After getting situated in our room, we were off to the Jacobs Family Berry Farm for appetizers and a tour. Berries weren’t quite in season yet so we settled for fruits and veggies, but also an amazing cheese and cracker spread. There was a fig and cheese type of spread that was simply amazing! Jacobs Family Berry Farm Situated in Gardnerville, NV, the Jacobs Family Berry Farm boasts beautiful grounds and quarters suited for weddings, as well as a rich history. Granted in 1872, and originally known as Lampe Ranch, this property operated grains, pigs, chickens and had a very profitable dairy operation. The home has grown over time, but so much of it’s integrity and original frame and decor has been maintained. The Jacobs Family, who now owns the property, has done a fabulous job of taking care of the property. They even lend out their home to a bridal group for wedding day preparations. The bathroom designated to the bride was breathtaking!  Jacobs Berry Farm Barn In addition to the property right around the home, there were bunks for the ranch hands (where the groomsmen stay), as well as a huge and lovely barn. I am envisioning a fantastically fun reception party in this barn. The chandelier that adorns the barn is just beautiful. You can even get a peek at the sleigh and truck that once helped run the farm. If you are ever in need of planning a large celebration such as a wedding – look up the Jacobs Family Berry Farm!! Virginia City Our Saturday was filled with a fun day on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, riding from Carson City to Virginia City. This wasn’t a long ride, but relaxing nonetheless. Throughout the year, the R.R. has different themed rides and events worth checking out. You really get the experience of what it was like to ride an old train back in the day. Once in Virginia City, we enjoyed shooting arcade guns, eating Bubblegum Cigarettes (brought back some childhood memories) and exploring the cute little town. There are a couple of stops where you can have old fashioned black and white photos taken too. My family actually got a family photo there when I was a little girl. Soaring NV My Carson Valley trip ended with a Sunday stroll in the air, with Soaring NV. I had the privilege of going up in a two-seater glider (aka sailplane). This was an AMAZING experience, and one that I hope to repeat some day. My pilot was so much fun and was going to take me on some loops and catch some air, but unfortunately my stomach was too weak. I admit to having to break out the barf bag, but I didn’t end up using it. Once brought up in the air by a tow plane, the rope is dropped and the glider just soars with little noise. No engine keeping this baby up! I loved the views and was in awe over the entire experience. I just wish I had an iron stomach! I’m told it gets easier so I will have to go out again and do some more self-talk beforehand. Soaring over Lake Tahoe was breathtakingly beautiful!! I happened to visit during the 18-Meter Nationals Contest. It wasn’t a race day so I didn’t get to view that but I’m sure it is a sight to see. Soaring NV also offers scholarships to youth ages 14-19, to take flying lessons. You only have to be 14 to fly a glider!!!

As you can see, Carson Valley has so much to offer. I couldn’t have asked for better company either! You get the small town feel, with so many relaxing and fun activities. Which activity is most up your alley?

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