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Summer Fun Means Pool Time and Clear Water with HTH Pool Products

Summer is here and that means POOL TIME. I always look forward to the opening of swimming pool season. We’ve been looking for a new hot tub since last summer, and the best deals we found are at Allspa in Surrey click here. There’s nothing more gratifying to me than the sound of enjoyment in my backyard. But with the enjoyment comes the responsibility of keeping the pool crystal clear. HTH® Pool Care knows just how important it is to keep your swimming pool clean and free from algae or bacteria.

Summertime memories are a treasure. Many of my grandchildren learned to swim right in my swimming pool. When my kids were teens we had many parties with their friends – right in our pool. What better way to keep your family close than enjoying time right in your own backyard. Homeowners who want to have their own swimming pool may plan the construction with a fiberglass pool contractor. Swimming pools can be a huge responsibility and expense. We learned several years ago that it’s easier to maintain a blue pool all through winter, rather than the time and expense to get it swim-able in the late spring. Another option is to use that time for any non structural pool improvements, which will ensure your pool is ready to be enjoyed all summer comfortably. Treatments and regular swimming pool cleaning will aid in killing bacteria, destroying algae and restoring clarity are a must if for some reason you fall behind on regular maintenance. It is important to hire an expert in pool service to maintain and ensure that your pool is safe for everyone.

We recently had family over for a day of pool fun and added to the mess by having a Tie Dye event. Not only did the kids get to stay cool in the pool, but they spent time creating their own “cool” tie dyed shirt and some tie dyed towels from HTH®. And to add to the festivities we added HTH® Party Potion water enhancer to the pool water which transformed the water to an amazing shade of blue. We were surely party ready! One note of caution – after an hour or so, the pool water turned a bluish green from the water enhancer. I don’t know if it was our own pool chemistry that did it, but with a bag of HTH® shock, is was right back the its normal crystal clear blue.

Its good to know that all the HTH® products work together to make your pool the clearest and cleanest it can be. Thanks to HTH® Pool Products for the fun Tie Dye kit and beach towels. Our family party was great fun! Follow HTH® on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram to keep up with their happenings. This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of HTH Pool Care via Burst Media. The opinions and text are all mine.


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