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Animal Jam Brings the Outdoors to Life Online

Animal Jam

When I was a kid, my parents had a subscription to National Geographic. It was a banner day when I got home from school to find the latest edition of National Geographic and I could explore the world of animals and their habitats for the afternoon. I remember ordering a book from National Geographic that went into detail about various animals, and I believe my parents still have it! Now, National Geographic has launched an online playground for kids where they can explore the natural world while connecting with their friends and classmates via Animal Jam. Combining a love for animals, National Geographic and now technology – what’s not to like?

Animal Jam Homepage

Animal Jam is packed with online videos, games, facts and more. Children can create their own animals and dens, adopt pets, and other animal related activities. Not only will your children learn about the natural world, but they can safely connect with their peers to enhance their learning experience. My boys each had the opportunity to sign up for a free account with Animal Jam, while in school. After their work was done, Animal Jam was one of the activities available to them. The fun doesn’t have to stop when they’re offline either, as you can access the free downloads and printables for later use.

Animal Jam

Animal Jam is a virtual playground where children can learn about the world of animals and their habitats. They also learn about teamwork, socialization and global awareness. I loved it when the kids came home from school and were eager to get online with Animal Jam and reconnect with their classmates in a closely monitored online environment where bullying or inappropriateness isn’t tolerated. Animal Jam provides a fun, safe environment for kids to play online while inspiring them to explore, create and protect our beautiful world.

Animal Jam has earned a host of awards from organizations promoting and protecting online fun for kids, including: National Parenting Publications Award, Mr. Dad Seal Approval from, Reader’s Choice Award, and Mom’s Choice Award.
National Geographic has always been a trusted publication, and now you can depend on them for your children in an online environment.

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