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Beard Burn Protection with the Gillette Flexball Razor


Gillette Flexball Razor

Well, this is a new adventure for me. Been out of the dating business for 12 years and there’s lots of new experiences in store for me. One thing I’ve encountered is beards! Facial hair growth is much more in vogue than it was 12 years ago – and back then I was attending a private college where beards weren’t allowed. To top it all off, I have sensitive skin, so a clean shaven man is just about a must. Because I have always been a fan of kissin’, I have decided that if and when I find me a good man worth kissing, I’m going to see if he protects with the Gillette Flexball Razor. I certainly don’t want to deal with a yucky case of beard burn on a regular basis. Awkward! You don’t want to encounter the question “did you just eat a whole pomegranate”, or was it a prickly pear cactus?

Prickly Beard Phase

In case you aren’t familiar, beard burn is where the skin on the chin and/or nose gets red, puffy, inflamed and starts to peel, from kissing a man with a beard. A full soft beard might not have the same effect as that prickly 5 o’clock shadow, or day after shave. It takes me a good week to heal from beard burn, which can be embarrassing and just not so fun. So, if you like kissing and want to avoid beard burn, there are really only two modes of protection that I am aware of: abstinence and the Gillette Flexball Razor. Depending on the guy, I know which protection I’d choose! 

Shaving with the Gillette Flexball Razor

I had a new friend give the Gillette Flexball Razor a try and he reports it’s the smoothest shave he’s ever had. The Gillete Flexball comes in manual or power. My friend gave the power a try and while he was skeptical that the vibrations would have any effect on shaving he did say it seemed to help when he shaved against the grain. He referred to the shave as being the closest shave he has ever had – aka baby butt smooth! As a prior user and lover of the regular Gillette Fusion Pro, he says the Flexball is much better!

Clean shaven man

Next time you are in Walmart, pick out a Gillette Flexball Razor for your man, so you can have smoother smoochin’! My store had a cool display that actually shows how the technology of the flexball works. At just $11.47, the price was worth the end result! Follow #SmoothSummer#CollectiveBias to see what others are saying about the razor!

Walmart razor aisle

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  • I’m with you – a smooth face is worth kissing! I hate the “trying to grow a beard” stage, too itchy on my face. #client

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