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My Chocolate Stash of Hugs: Dove® Fruit Whole-Cranberry


Dove Fruit Whole-Cranberry

My oldest son knows me well, and has grown to be so wise and intuitive. He senses when I’m having a rough day, and he also knows just what might comfort me: hugs and chocolate. If I can’t have one then I’ll settle for the other. When kids are all in bed and I’m feeling lonely and just need a hug, I will sometimes grab for my chocolates. In moderation, I don’t see anything wrong with that! Kel also knows I feel guilty if I eat too many sweets, so he tries to make me feel better by telling me that chocolate is like medicine. I don’t know if there is any hard evidence of the power of chocolate, especially for a hormonal woman, but there are some theories out there for sure. All I know is I certainly crave chocolate at times! Dark chocolate is said to have antioxidants that can help us feel better. Combine dark chocolate and whole cranberries for a real treat packed with antioxidants, and you’ve got Dove® Fruit – Whole Cranberry!

Private Stash of Chocolate Hugs with Dove Fruit Whole-Cranberry

Dove® has taken chocolate and fruit pairings to a whole new level! Dove® fruit is real fruit dipped in dark chocolate which creates a “better for you” snack. I pick up a nice big bag of Dove® Fruit – Whole Cranberry at Sam’s Club, and keep my chocolate stash of hugs in my nightstand drawer. I am able to sneak out a few pieces as I feel necessary, reseal the bag, and go about my business.

Dove Fruit Whole-Cranberry

I recently read something that said more chocolate is consumed between 8pm and midnight than any other time of day. I don’t know how accurate that information is, but I believe it. There is something about sitting in bed watching a show and/or working, and munching on chocolate. A reason that makes sense in my mind and life is that the days are filled with hustle and bustle, but when kids are down for the night and I have a moment to think and feel, sometimes the emotions of the day have caught up with me. Those emotions need to go somewhere! If it has been an emotionally draining week then the pieces of chocolate might turn into handfuls!

Sam's Club Chocolate Aisle

Dove® Fruit – Whole Cranberry has very limited availability so hurry over to your local Sam’s Club and pick up a bag. Stay tuned for a new flavor to be released this fall – Dove® Cherry!! Would you like to add your two cents on the topic of chocolate? Comment below and tweet with me using #LoveDoveFruits and #CollectiveBias!


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