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I am proud to be a 3M-sponsored blogger, and as part of my responsibilities, I get the opportunity to evaluate 3M products. Opinions are my own and additional products used in the project were selected by me. Struggling with allergies in your home? Learn how you can reduce allergens with the help of Filtrete Air Filters.


It’s that time of year when those who suffer from Seasonal Allergies are prime targets for airborne pollen and allergens. If you’re a target you know you must do all you can to help reduce the potential presence of allergens in the air. Start by changing your Filtrete  Filter frequently, washing your bedding weekly and placing dirty laundry in a designated location for more frequent washings. All of these tips help reduce allergens in your home.

I recently moved into a different home and my allergies had a big flair-up. I found that seasonal allergens aren’t the only triggers that cancause watery eyes and runnynoses. Indoor allergens can be present all-year round in the form of dust mite debris, pet dander, mold growth and more. Even though the home appeared to be clean when I moved in I had to find hidden areas to be aware of like the carpet, inside cupboards and cabinets, around shower heads and bathroom fixtures and even under the refrigerator. I got after these areas and gave them a good cleaning. I also gave my pet bed a good washing and am now considering gathering up all the stuffed animals and giving them a good cleaning.

Fortunately, I had my supply of Filtrete Filters and swapped them out for the existing ones ASAP. I’m also more pro-active in my DIY treatment to  help alleviate some of my symptoms. I got some nasal spray and will go on a search for local honey to take daily in an effort to suppress the effects of airborne pollens. You might consider a neti-pot or steaming, as well, if you’re suffering like I am.

Filtrete Filters help reduce allergens in the home by attracting and capturing particles like pollen, mold spores and dust mite debris.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts about Filtrete  Filters that are electrostatically charged, you’ll know that they outperform  regular 1” fiberglass filters, which were originally developed to protect your furnace and/or air conditioning system. Fiberglass filters were not intended to improve your indoor air quality. Filtrete Filters were created to both help protect your furnace equipment AND help clean indoor air. 

Filtrete Filters help improve your indoor air quality by attracting and capturing dust, pollen and lint from the air passing through the filter. The filter cleans the air each time it re-circulates through the filter. The greatest benefit of electrostatically charged Filtrete Filters is that they  have both positive and negative charges on the fibers. The charge helps pull more particles from the air passing through the filter than a filter without a charge.

Surprisingly, even expensive washable filters can’t capture microparticles as well as electrostatic Filtrete Filters can. The real difference is the electrostatic charge found in most Filtrete Filters. Do yourself a favor and head to your local hardware store to buy a Filtrete  Filter. If you’re having trouble finding them go to Filtrete.com and use their retail locator to find the nearest store carrying their filters or order a good supply online.

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