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Last winter I came down with a terrible cold. It was the type where my nose just would not stop running. It was pretty miserable. The thing that makes it memorable, however is that my mum brought me an incredibly thoughtful gift, a box of super soft   KLEENEX® Tissues. This may not sound like much, but it meant so much to me! I had been using rough tissue to wipe my nose so these soft tissues where a much welcomed relief. More than anything though it made me feel so cared about. Just knowing that she had been thinking of me made me feel so much better! Each tissue was like a little hug for my nose!
I recently decided that I want to be more of a “do-er” when it comes to helping others. So when I was walking through Sam’s Club and saw this cube of 12 Kleenex Ultra Soft Tissues, inspiration struck! I decided to get it so that I could be stocked up on tissues in case I hear of any friends, family or neighbors who are not well. I then created this cute free printable gift tag to tie to each box, just to say I’m thinking of you! 
Because KLEENEX® Ultra Soft Tissues are amazingly thick and soft, I think they will provide that same little hug that I felt when my mum brought for me when I was sick. A luxurious tissue goes a long way when you have a cold! I think these boxes are going to make a cute and practical get well gift for friends needing a little “pick-me-up”! 
Kleenex Boxes
I went ahead and bought the KLEENEX® Ultra Soft Tissues available in the 12 box cube from Sam’s Club (their biggest bundle of their popular cube) so that I can easily put a box together any time I hear of someone needing one, as well as for our own home use!
For even more convenience Kleenex Ultra SoftKleenex Ultra Soft can be purchased online using FREE Order Pickup.

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