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Having a baby is quite the feat for any woman, but there is something about that first pregnancy that can be quite terrifying. New mothers have so many things to learn, go through and consider, which is a daunting task. Where is a new mom to turn for information, advice and tips? With many different resources out there for each and every topic, I want to share with you ; a community of Mom bloggers sharing their experiences in motherhood from all around the world. I browsed the site and was intrigued by many different article headings on pregnancy and parenting, that I wanted to bookmark and read. With Mom Voyáge you get a global perspective on how different cultures name their babies, how they celebrate pregnancies, how they prepare for that hospital trip, and much more. I found the topics on different pregnancy cravings around the world, quite fascinating.

Have you ever encountered a cultural difference when it comes to moms and their parenting techniques? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Then be sure to check out this fantastic site by Urbini, so you can gather fun and useful info to help you in your child rearing years. Some articles are just a fun read!

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