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Walmart Family Mobile Promotions for Back To School


Kids using Cell Phones #Phones4School #shop

You know times are changing and your kids are growing up when they get their first cell phone. At a recent blogging conference, we discussed the average age for children to receive their first phone. Over the years, that age is getting younger and younger. My oldest is 10 and my youngest is 5, but as I mentioned earlier this year, I can see the benefits to them having a phone. 
Kids texting #Phones4School #shop

In the spring, I got my oldest his first phone. With their mom and dad living in different places, and mom going on occasional business trips, I found it to be necessary that my kids can get a hold of me on their own. My son’s phone has now been passed down to my twins, but there isn’t a plan on it. They get to use it for games and wifi, which is sufficient for two (almost ) 9 year olds.

Walmart Family Mobile Rollback #Phones4School #shop

I found out that Walmart had the Alcatel One Touch Evolve on rollback, and decided to pick it up for my big boy. This particular smartphone is regularly priced at $79.88, but you can snag it for only $29.88 right now! Seriously good price for a smartphone, right? To really help you with your back-to-school needs, the Walmart Family Mobile Unlimited Talk Text & Web plan has decreased from $39.88 to $34.88. Sign up anytime between now and 10/31/14, and you can lock in the price for the life of the service plan. The deal only works for the primary line.

Walmart Family Mobile #Phones4School #shop

The current Walmart Family Mobile promotions and the affordable Alcatel One Touch Evolve is great for students you want to hook up with a plan before school starts. Kids going away to college or getting into after school activities could use a phone to call or text mom or dad to fill them in on life, or just to ask for a ride to and from their activities. 

I am using the new phone to teach my oldest responsibility. Being able to get a hold of him while he’s away, or I’m away, is so important to me. Earlier this year he wasn’t great about keeping his phone charged, or not losing it. I let him go without a plan for a few months and now we are back, but with more rules. He has learned that if he doesn’t take care of his phone, then he loses the privilege of having it. Teaching kids responsibility is such an important job, and a necessary one. 

I’d love to have you weigh in on when kids should receive cell phones! Follow #Phones4School and #CollectiveBias to see what others are saying.


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