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Family Fun in Morro Bay


This last month of summer has been filled with family fun, excursions and some excitement. July was fairly dull, which was much needed after a move, but August has been jam packed! Luckily Frito-Lay® had our snacking on-the-go covered! Learn how we had family fun in Morro Bay, in partnership with Frito-Lay.


The month began with a big family reunion and some family fun in Morro Bay. My family does this every other year, in a new location. This was our first time taking everyone camping. Between my parents, siblings (and spouses) and all of the kids, there were 44 of us in total! That is a big crowd to plan for, and to feed. One of my assignments was to bring chips for one day’s activities. Easy enough since Frito-Lay had sent me two Frito-Lay Variety Packs. We divided up into a couple of groups, for some different activities. 

The big kids and a few adults (my mom and oldest son included), took surfing lessons, and the rest of us spent some time kayaking and playing on the beautiful sandy beaches. Such a beautiful day filled with tons of fun and bonding. Even though I wasn’t out there surfing, I learned that it is a physically exhausting sport for those who are learning. Each person was a great sport and worked hard, but also appreciated little breaks on the beach, eating their small bags of Frito-Lay chips. I’m super proud of my boy because from what I heard, he was a natural on that surfboard! 


I had fun kayaking around the bay, while swapping my passengers for nieces, nephews and my own kiddos. Silly me forgot to put on sunscreen, and I got a tad burnt on my legs and feet. Luckily I had brothers and brother-in-laws to help take the kids out, so I didn’t have to do a bazillion trips. My arms are just too weak for that! We found a nice large rock to set our towels, snacks and clothes on while kids played in the water, or had fun naming the squirrels that were close by. All in all, it was a great day, and probably my favorite of all of the days during the reunion. 

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This is a sponsored post by Frito-Lay. All opinions are my own.



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