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Maleficent Dolls and Make Believe with miWorld


miWorld Toys

For centuries, little girls have been playing make believe, and pretending to live in the world of their mothers. They sometimes dress up in their mom’s clothes, and they play mommy. Come on, didn’t you do that when you were little? I personally loved creating big villages or cities with my dolls, so they could live the day in the life of mom. Now there is a new line of toys that makes make believe a little easier. Introducing miWorld™! miWorld is the only line of super realistic miniatures that allows kids to build, collect, connect, display, and play in all the trendiest stores and mall spots. Kids can set up malls and shops and play in their own miniature world. Styles include the following miniature stores: Claire’s, Sprinkles Cupcakes, OPI Nail Salon, Dairy Queen and Sweet Factory. They look like the real stores, but in miniature scale! Isn’t everything cuter in miniature? So cute and tiny, kids will love building and customizing their very own miWorld set! My friend (I use this term loosely) was celebrating his daughter’s 11th birthday and I thought these sets would be perfect for her. She was pretty excited about them. Just keep an eye on all those little pieces!


If you’ve got an iTunes account then be sure to also head over and look for the free miWorld app to play tons of mini games, interact with each store, design your own virtual avatar and bring her to life in your actual miWorld playset! The best part is that each set ranges from just $14.99 for the starter sets to $29.99 for the deluxe sets.

Maleficent Toys

To go along with the Disney hit movie release of Maleficent are the beautiful Maleficent and Aurora dolls! I am in love! Unfortunately they were all out of Aurora dolls so we just got Maleficient, but I think she is beautiful. My kiddos and I love the movie and can’t wait to own it on DVD. At Target you can pick up the new dolls as well as accessories for your little girl; such as her own headband of horns! Miss Bea was very excited to put on her horns and play with her new doll. She had to show it off to everyone!

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