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“Mom of Sons” Advice: After School with Active Boys

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I once read a quote that a mother of boys is busy from “son up, till son down”! While you could see it as nothing more then a clever little pun, if you are the mom of an active boy (or boys) you probably see it as absolute truth. This is the case in my life. My boys keep me busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Their natural energy and enthusiasm spurs me on, and helps me to get in touch with my rough and tumble side.

Mom of Sons Advice: Active Boys After School
For my active boys, hours and hours of sitting through school can be tedious. So by the time school is out they are just bursting with energy and ready to do something active. I try to keep this in mind and plan after-school activities that will expel some of that energy. I know that otherwise it would be tough on them to sit through yet another hour of homework.

Planning a fun and active activity after school activity might seem like a lot of work at the end of a long day, but I try to see it as good investment of our time. It prevents them from tearing through the house like little tornados with all of their built up energy. It also helps them to be more focused during homework, so that it takes less time. Mostly though its a great time after school to just enjoy being with my kids when I don’t have to nag them to work on homework, do their chores, clean their rooms or any of the other after-school necessities.

Ideas of after-school activities that I enjoy with my boys are:

• going to the park
• swimming (it’s still hot here in Northern California)
• bike rides
• bowling
• jumping on the trampoline
• Nerf wars in the backyard
• hitting balls at a baseball field
• playing in the backyard

Because I like to go and do these activities as soon as I pick up my kids from school (otherwise it wouldn’t happen) I tried to keep it in mind when we went back to school shopping. This year I tried to buy them some great brands that would look nice for school, but are also designed for active play.

I shopped at Zappos because of their fast reliable service and convenience in having all of the brands that I am looking for in one stop. You may know that Zappos has amazing shoe brands (like Nike, Stride Rite, New Balance, Converse, Keens and PediPed). But did you know that they also carry amazing clothing brands (including Under Armour, Nike, The North Face, Patagonia, Roxy, Volcom, Splendid and Tommy Hilfiger?)

For my active boys I found some great DC Shoes and Keen Sandals that look great at school but are sturdy enough for the playground or ball field after school. I also found some great Under Armor t-shirts that are moisture wicking in case we get our sweat on after school!

Mom of Sons Advice: Active Boys After School
Being in a house with lots of boys is a true joy! We are busy, we are active, and we have fun! I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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