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A Movie Date with Captain America and Captain America Shield Cookies


captain america the winter soldier

For most, a typical movie date would consist of a couple, a DVD (or movie theater), some popcorn and some movie snacks. If that sounds appealing to you, then I’ve got a great movie to pick up for your next date. Captain America: The Winter Soldier comes to DVD and Blu-ray just next week, on September 9th. My movie dates have been a bit different lately. I have gone on a few dates to the movie theater over the past couple of months, but in honor of the new Captain America release, I decided to have a date with just Captain America himself. He is single you know. 

A couple of weeks ago I invited Captain American (Steve Rogers) into my home for a night cap (root beer – he is an All American Hero). We reminisced over the past Captain America releases. We laughed about that time when Steve was really small – you know, before he was altered and given those massive beautiful muscles. I even treated him to his very own Captain America Shield Cookies. 

Captain America Shield Cookies

I invited a friend’s kids over to help me and my kiddos whip up some sugar cookie shields using miniature M&M’s®. I also debated making one giant shield cookie using regular M&M’s. So many different ways to do it. My kids and I were perusing the candy aisle at Walmart, to pick up our supplies, and were wishing that the peanut butter M&M’s came in reds and blues, because those are our favorites! I think the shield cookies turned out pretty darn cute and Steve absolutely loved them. 

Making Captain America Cookies

Okay, so Steve Rogers couldn’t really make it to my house in the flesh, but we had fun catching up by watching the first Captain America, in preparation for The Winter Soldier. Whenever sequels come out, I like to watch the previous movies beforehand, to make sure I’m “in the know”, to help me understand the stories. I never got to see The Winter Soldier in theaters so I am pretty excited about the release. I just might have to invite a real date over for a viewing party.

Captain America movie date

To complete the perfect movie date with your (fill in the blank), snag some M&M’s using the printable coupon here, that will be available on 9/9. Te coupon is good for $5 off Captain America: The Winter Soldier when you purchase M&M’s. Use the M&M’s for munching or to create something fun and festive to bring in the Captain America spirit.

Captain America Shield Cookies

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Walmart Candy Aisle

You can also follow #HeroesEatMMs and #CollectiveBias to see how others are celebrating the new DVD release!

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