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Preparing Kids For College (In Elementary School) + Sweepstakes to Win $2500 College Money from ScholarShare

Read how I am preparing kids for college by teaching them valuable skills and by starting a ScholarShare California 529 Savings Plan. Plus read about how my sponsors at ScholarShare have a way for you to win college money for your future grad!

As a mom and a preschool teacher, education has always been a priority to me, both for the kids that I teach, and my own kids. I have a passionate belief that by building a solid foundation and love of learning early in a children’s lives that it will help them to build a promising educational career.

My goal is to provide my kids with all of the skills, and support that they need to to build their own success in school. I hope that by doing this they will have the opportunity to choose a college, university and career of their choice.

Here are a few of the way that I try to teach my preschooler/ elementary school aged kids skills to last through college:

• Be on time– Being to school on time teaches my kids that one of the most important parts about school is being there each and everyday, on time and ready to work. I’m not going to lie, mornings are a struggle for us, so I have made my kids a deal that no tardies for an entire semester= ice cream at their favorite icecream place! Reminding them of that works wonders to get them up
and moving!

• Teach How to Plan– My son gets weekly homework packets that need to be turned in every Friday.
This year, I am trying to teach him responsibility and how to organize his time, by sitting down with him every Monday and planning out what he will do each day, to have his assignments ready for the due date. I created this homework organizer to help us plan, and so far it is working great to keep him organized and to teach him a valuable skill.


• Learn household skills- When I was just starting college I was shocked at how many of my peers didn’t know how to do basic household skills like laundry and cleaning a bathroom. While I don’t expect my preschooler to do her own laundry, I have given them both an age appropriate household chore list. As they get older, the difficulty of these chores will increase, so that they have the skills to survive on their own.

• Save now– With the ever-rising costs of tuition, housing, food and books, going to college is not cheap. I feel that if I want to make college a reality for my kids, I need to start saving now, so that they are not burdened with huge school loans by the time they graduate. One way to do this is through ScholarShare’s, California 529 Savings Plan. This savings plan allows you to invest in your child’s future by starting a college savings fund for as little as $25 start up and $25 subsequent contributions per investment portfolio. With the added tax deduction benefits a ScholarShare account is a smart way to plan for your child’s big future through small investments today.

Because September is National College Savings Month, ScholarShare is celebrating by giving you a chance to win $500 or a grand prize of $2500 to start or add to an existing ScholarShare California 529 Savings Plan. To enter this “Share Your Spirit” sweepstakes California parents, guardians or family members must submit one official entry form through the ScholarShare Facebook page and are also encouraged to upload an image of their loved one showcasing school spirit for their dream college. Entries must be in by Friday September 26, by 2pm PT.

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