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Zappos for Back To School Needs and Winter Essentials

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School is well under way and I think we’ve finally got a pretty good handle on things. I try to prepare my kids with a few new things before a new year starts, but there always seems to be more I discover we need, after school begins. Then I catch my twins wearing the same couple of outfits over and over again and I think I need to take them shopping so they will pick out more clothing items they WILL wear. I have been fortunate to have Zappos by my side this year.  I love being able to gather my kids around the computer and have them pick out items they like, then to have them delivered right to our doorstep. Way less complaining and griping from the boys this way. They’re not big fans of department stores.

I can count on Zappos to have all the brands my kids love, but more importantly to me is that I can purchase their clothes, shoes, accessories and outerwear all in one spot. I am also a fan of checking out the sale and clearance section to see what deals are going on. I love me a good deal! Here are the items I picked up during the first week of school: DC Shoes and Keen Sandals that look great at school but are sturdy enough for the playground or ball field after school. I also found some great Under Armor t-shirts that are moisture wicking in case we get our sweat on after school!

Beeko Maise BOots

Now I’ve been browsing the site to see what items the kids could use for Fall/Winter. Boots and hoodies are two of our Winter essentials. Despite the number of shoes Miss Bea already has, I feel she can never have enough. We’ve got to match the many cute outfits right? Okay, that’s a girl talking right there. It’s hard not to spoil the little girl! I spotted this cute Beeko Maise boots that I think she’ll just love. Don’t we need to have them?

under armour hoodie

Because my twins are OBSESSED with Under Armour right now, and they have this disease where they are always losing sweatshirts at school, I am thinking ahead with this Under Armour Full Zip Hoodie. I try to keep a secret stash of hoodies, that the kids don’t know about, for just such occasions. Hoodies are one of our Winter essentials in California. I don’t want them to get any big ideas and purposely leave their sweatshirts behind, right?

Now that I’ve got the kids covered, I am thinking I deserve a little shopping time. Be sure to follow Zappos on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, for more inspiration.

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