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Dinner in a Snap with Free Thomas Cookware from Save Mart: Poached Eggs Over Fried Potatoes

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central for Save Mart Supermarkets. I received Thomas Cookware items to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.”

Thomas Cookware

Beautiful cookware and serveware have become a bit of a love of mine. If I am going to spend any amount of time in the kitchen, cooking and baking up yummy food for friends and family, then I might as well have a pretty way to display it and serve it up. In addition to looks, one must think about functionality. Improper cookware can definitely affect how well (or poor) a dish turns out. For example, if the bottom of a nonstick pan is no longer nonstick, you may end up with rice and cruddy bits of food stuck to the pan. Just this past week I was appalled at how scratched up the bottom of my nonstick saucepan had become. I’m always so careful not to use wire whisks in it too. Time for some new pots and pans I guess!

Thomas Cookware

If you could also use some new cookware, then now is the time to get all of your grocery shopping done at Save Mart. Shopping at Save Mart Supermarkets can get you FREE high quality cookware just for purchasing your everyday groceries. Through January 20th shoppers earn 1 bonus stamp for every $10 spent at Save Mart Supermarkets. Collect and save those stamps because once you have enough, you will earn free Thomas Cookware pieces. Each piece is worth a different amount of stamps. When you go to check out, ask the cashier for the Thomas Cookware stamp booklet, to keep track of all of your stamps.

Thomas Cookware Display at Save Mart

I used my Thomas Cookware for the first time last night and was impressed with the functionality. Some features worth mentioning:

  • 9 different pieces in the set
  • All pieces can go straight from the stove to the oven
  • Many pieces have a unique pour and strain feature, which I love for draining pasta. 
  • Cooking is nice and even, and food doesn’t seem to stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • Washing is super easy. Bits that sometimes take elbow grease to get off my old pans, come right off with my new Thomas Cookware pans.

Fried Potatoes

My Monday night was quite busy so I was in need of a truly quick and easy dinner with no big mess to clean up from afterwards. I pulled out my new cookware and decided to fry up my remaining Tasteful Selections baby red potatoes, using the frying pan. I used some garlic and herb seasoning and a little oil for frying. Sliced the potatoes in half so they would cook faster, and let the pan work it’s magic. 

Poaching Eggs

While the potatoes were cooking I wanted to test the Thomas Cook & Pour saucepan at boiling water. Not too shabby. Brought some water to a boil, gave it a brisk stir with a spoon, in circular motion, and dropped in some eggs. If you’ve never made poached eggs, now is when you just allow them to sit and the swirling water wraps the egg white around the soft yolk. Allow them to poach for 3 minutes before removing them from the pan with a slotted spoon.

Poached Egg over Fried Potatoes

Served the poached eggs over the potatoes and BAM – dinner! Sprinkle on a little parmesan cheese for some extra flavor and you’re done. I was super pleased with how quickly I was able to clean both pans – even after having dried oil and crusted potatoes to the frying pan. No problem! Alright, now head to your local Save Mart and check out the week’s new sales that begin today, and don’t forget to start saving those stamps! You have until January 20th!!

As always, I recommend following Save Mart on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter to stay up to date on their promotions.

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