For Those Who Don’t Floss (Myself Included): Habit Changing Oral Care Tips For the Whole Family

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I am pretty meticulous when it comes to brushing my teeth. I never ever miss a brushing, and try to encourage my kids to do the same. However, when it comes to flossing and mouth wash, I have to admit that I have kind of dropped the ball.

I have really sensitive teeth and gums, so even when I am super gentle with floss, I end up in pain. Just the word “floss” kind of sends chills down my spine. As I am not a big fan of it myself, I’ll admit that I am not the best about encouraging my kids to do it either.

However, I am committed to changing my ways, for the oral health of myself and my family. To do so, I have found some great new products and have come up with some fun oral care tips to take our oral health care to the next level!

Healthy Habits
For the Kids: I recently discovered a new mouthwash that is going to be the theme for my kids’ oral health routine, LISTERINE Smart Rinse. I found this cool bottle featuring Marvel Avengers characters. It’s an anticavity fluoride rinse that is alcohol free, making it an ideal mouthwash for kids!

The cool avengers design gave me an idea to start a “heroes save their teeth” theme with my kids’ oral care routine. I got them some cool new super hero tooth brushes, the new Avengers themed LISTERINE mouth wash, and a new package of floss each. Then I made a deal with them! For each night that they use all 3 of those things (brush, floss and mouthwash) they get 1 inch of “floss” (fishing twine) to make into a zip line for their super hero action figures. When they get to 20 inches we will string up the “floss” and have a fun activity of racing their super heroes down the zip line. Because I have heard it takes 20 days to make a healthy habit, this super hero effort will create a long-lasting oral care routine. I made a super hero themed chart for the kids to keep track of their progress and how many “inches” they have earned!

Super Hero Oral Care Chart for Kids
For The Sensitive Mouth (me): Whenever I try to teach something to my kids, whether it’s honesty, eating veggies or flossing they are always quick to point out any hypocrisy that I may have. For that reason, I decided I better start off by getting better a flossing myself. To aid me in that, I found the new LISTERINE GENTLE GUM CARE floss to be a lifesaver. Instead of being your typical plastic/ waxy floss, this variety is made of a softer woven, cotton-feeling material. It felt so nice on my gums, and for the first time ever I actually enjoyed the feeling of flossing. The package that I got also has a yummy cinnamon flavor, that tasted so nice that it distracted me from the fact that I was flossing!

For The Advanced Flosser: While my kids and I struggle with flossing, my hubby is already pretty good about doing it. However, I didn’t want to leave him out of our family mission for better oral health, so I got him the LISTERINE ULTRA CARE Access Flosser. This handy tool comes with 8 disposable heads that are great for getting a really good floss and for removing plaque in hard to reach places.

With these new tools we are armed and ready to be better flossers and improve our overall oral health. If you want to learn more about how to improve your family’s oral health be sure to check out the LISTERINE website and find their products in a store near you. You can also check out a cool video featuring



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