Jif To Go Dippers for the Busy Afternoon Snack

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Jif To Go Dippers

When school is in session (August-May), the kids and I are frequently found in the car, running from one place to another. Sometimes this means breakfast or dinner on the go, and some days it just means we need to pack a snack for the road. My kids started a new school this year, and their school days are longer than ever. Longer days means the kids come home even more hungry! We don’t always have time to sit down to a beautiful homemade snack, so I have found that we do best if I have some ready-made snacks available for the extra busy days. Occasionally they will actually have time to sit down on the lawn and enjoy their snack. Other times, it’s a grab-and-go kind of day. One of the kids’ new favorite snacks are the NEW Jif To Go® Dippers.

Jif To Go Dippers

When it comes to convenient snacks for life on the go, Jif® now offers more than just delicious peanut butter to keep the family going. No more plastic baggies or containers that you have to worry about keeping on hand, or leaving at the park, because Jif To Go® Dippers come with an all-in-one portable snack.  In one container, you get your Creamy Peanut Butter with Pretzels or Chocolate Silk Peanut Butter Spread with Pretzels. I’ve tried both, and you can’t go wrong with either!

Jif To Go Dippers for Snacking On the Go

One recent afternoon, I gathered the kiddos out front, to have a quick snack before running off to soccer practice. Because the neighborhood kids are always out and about, we even had one of them join us for snacktime. I divided up the different flavors and let the kids go to town. I tell you what – there wasn’t a single pretzel or bit of peanut butter left over. So easy, and so convenient! From soccer practice to summer travels, Jif To Go Dippers provides a simple and delicious solution for every snacking occasion.

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