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Stirring Up Laughter at Disney On Ice

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Disney On Ice Worlds of Fantasy
Last night was the hardest I have ever laughed at a Disney on Ice performance. Disney On Ice: Worlds of Fantasy was comprised of entertainment by the beloved CARS characters who drove onto the ice, the mermaid-turned human, Ariel, Tinker Bell and her Pixie Hollow friends, and lastly, the Toys at Sunnyside Daycare. I attended opening night with Miss Bea, and our girlfriends Tiff and Seeley. What a fantastically fun and unique show.

Girls at Disney On Ice

The girls had a blast, as to be expected. The biggest thing that seemed different about this show, compared to other Disney On Ice performances I have been to, is that one movie/feature stood out above the rest. CARS were only out on the ice for a brief time in comparison to the others. Granted, they are cars and can only do so much. Any CARS fan would get a thrill out of seeing them stroll around the ice.

For The Little Mermaid, we witnessed her make a deal with Ursula, as well as her transformation. Then Sebastian and fish helped Ariel get that kiss! The costumes for the many variety of fish were incredible. Ariel and Prince Erik fell in love, Ariel got the kiss, and that was that.

I quite enjoyed the feature of Tinker Bell and her friends. Each of the fairies were introduced, as well as their skill. There was a lot of excitement as the fairies planned for spring. Some mishaps and chaos too, but Tinker Bell came to the rescue and saved spring.

Disney On Ice Toy Story

Then there was Toy Story. It felt as though most of the show was spent on telling the tale of the toys in Sunnyside Daycare. We pretty much got the entire story, but slightly condensed. Watching the giant army men dance around at the beginning was so fun, and full of energy. Barbie and Ken were hands-down the most fun to watch. The completely played the part with stiff hands and everything. We laughed so much! The story did feel a bit on the long side after a while, but we all had a blast.

Disney On Ice

 Whether you want to plan a family night out, or a girl’s night, catch Disney On Ice: World of Fantasy, when it skates to a city near you. If you are in the Sacramento area then you are in luck because they will be here through Sunday, 10/26. Grab your tickets and have a fun time!

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